We can do that. 

We are a traditional boarding school with non-traditional approaches to college-preparatory learning. For us, teaching is personal. We know our students well, and we are skilled at intentionally directing (and sometimes redirecting) instruction that will connect with their unique skills and personalities. We have the flexibility to react to their needs, interests, and strengths in order to create exceptional learning experiences that empower and engage. This flexibility means that everyone in our community—from students to faculty to administration—can experience the freedom of thought and expression that brings meaning to everything we do.

This is not high school “by the books.”

At Marvelwood, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. While traditional academics lean toward passive learning, Marvelwood academics are experiential, active, and hands-on. Our faculty thoughtfully and intentionally design a customized curriculum that engages students of varying skill sets and learning styles. We believe that it is not memorization, but rather understanding and inquiry that will support our students throughout a lifetime of learning and discovery.


Hands-on and Customized Curriculum

Meet our Extraordinary Faculty