At Marvelwood, we have long delivered an academic program that we feel every school should strive to emulate: one that is customized to each individual student’s interests and needs, one that is intentionally challenging and appropriately nurturing, one that is sensitive to and accommodating of learning differences. The academic program is geared to providing a strong preparation for college and laying the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, inquiry and learning.

For a small school, Marvelwood offers an impressive variety of courses for students of all ability levels. We continually adjust our curricula with an eye to providing the most engaging and stimulating academic program possible. In addition to “standards” such as American literature, world history, Spanish, calculus and physics, students may choose to study computer programming, animal behavior, robotics, comparative politics, ornithology and Middle East history. Honors and Advanced Placement courses and 25 arts electives round out an impressive blend of traditional college-prep classes and unique alternatives.

Innovative, experiential education is a way of life at Marvelwood. Our teachers bring a sense of creativity and fun to their lesson planning, connecting concepts and ideas to real-world applications and constantly seeking to find the ideal combination of seeing, hearing and doing that will unlock the door to success for every one of their students. Marvelwood’s students are also given many unique opportunities to work with professionals outside the school community and to engage in research, outreach and community service on a local, state and global scale. These opportunities have provided many students with practical experience that has significantly influenced their college and career choices.

Hands-On Curriculum