Inspiration is everywhere. 

Our students explore their passions, discover beyond their imaginations, grow beyond their expectations, and achieve their own definition of exceptional.

Discover Marvelwood and discover what inspires you.

About Us

Marvelwood is a boarding and day school for students of all genders in grades 9-12 and post-graduate in Kent, Connecticut.  

Marvelwood is a school that builds confidence and changes lives. We are deeply dedicated to knowing and valuing our students, celebrating their individuality and challenging them to invest in their education and discover new passions.  We deliver a customized approach to learning that is responsive to student interests and supports and empowers them to move forward with courage in college, career, and life.

Marvelwood is a welcoming and safe community that embraces a truly diverse population of learners. Our school is intentionally sized to facilitate close connections and a tangible atmosphere of personal warmth. With purposeful guidance and respect, our students thrive and are encouraged to become their best selves.

Marvelwood's optional Learning Support Program customizes one-on-one and small group curriculum to suit each student. Orton Gillingham-trained teachers work with students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. 

Outside the classroom, students participate in a wide variety of activities, including weekly community service, competitive athletics, Outdoor Adventures, equestrian program for riders of all levels, creative arts programs, and award-winning film studies.


Who is a Marvelwood Student?

A Marvelwood student is driven. They seek answers without hesitation by asking questions that lead to more questions, that lead to opportunities to explore deeply and without limitation. They are fearless and open-minded. They’re not afraid to make mistakes, to have integrity, and to be themselves. They are kind and compassionate, learning not only for their own good but for the good of others. They are tenacious and resilient, constantly giving their all to develop fortitude for a lifetime of success. A Marvelwood student thrives in a small, nurturing environment where they can own their experience, celebrate who they are,  and grow into who they want to become. 

Who is Marvelwood for?

Marvelwood is for anyone with a desire to be themselves, to explore their passions, to discover beyond their imagination, to grow beyond their expectations, and to achieve their own definition of exceptional.