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Tuition & Financial Aid


As a school, we are committed to extending the benefit of a Marvelwood experience to as many students and families as possible. Approximately 25% of the student body receives financial aid awards each year. We are pleased to join the growing ranks of schools taking the lead to make tuition more affordable by offering several initiatives for the 2023-2024 academic year:

We are offering a 10% tuition discount for siblings and for children, stepchildren and grandchildren Marvelwood alumni. This discount can be used to supplement any financial aid awards.

Marvelwood Experience & Deposits Tuition & Fees
Boarding Student Tuition ( includes tuition, room and board, and all academic fees)
Day Student Tuition (includes tuition, meals, and all academic fees)
Enrollment Deposit
Room Deposit (due by Registration)


We partner with School and Student Services (SSS) in our financial aid process. To begin your financial aid application, you will complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) then submit the required documents for our school indicated below.

The PFS is a comprehensive application that will take some time to complete. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until our deadline approaches. You’ll need your most recent tax return before beginning the PFS. We also recommend reviewing resources to help families with the financial aid process. They are found at

We will communicate our financial aid decision to you. To make our decision, we use the information from the PFS as a starting point and consider our school policies, practices, and available budget.