Imagine a place of possibility...

A learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual style. Imagine a supportive community of students and teachers where you'll tackle exciting challenges and discover passions that will change your life.

Building Confidence – Changing Lives

Welcome to Marvelwood!

Marvelwood is a school that builds confidence and changes lives. We are deeply dedicated to knowing and valuing our students, celebrating their individuality and challenging them to invest in their education and discover new passions.  We deliver a customized approach to learning that is responsive to student interests and supports and empowers them to move forward with courage in college, career, and life.

At Marvelwood, our size enables us to get to know each student and embark on a journey together to discover hidden talents, develop skills and interests, and build confidence for a lifetime of purposeful learning. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Our students say it best...

I love Marvelwood for a lot of reasons. Everyone here, including the students, want you to succeed. They will do everything to help you. I’m athletic, so I’m super into the idea of being able to play everything I want to, and having so much time to do it. The students are super nice and everyone is friendly with everyone. There’s a lot of flexibility and freedom to really prepare yourself for the rest of your life.  

-Via Masina '21

Marvelwood is a small school but big in its own way. Marvelwood has such amazing faculty and staff, and beautiful facilities. Everyone is willing to help you succeed, and the athletics program is very competitive.   

-Justin Decoteau '19

I love Marvelwood because of the close community and all of the teachers who are always ready to help you. Also, every Wednesday for community service I am lucky enough to work at a daycare, which I love and look forward to every week. I’m excited for another great year.   

-Madelyn Malinowski '21

Marvelwood helped me realize how successful I could be in life. Without the help and guidance I got from my teachers, dorm parents, and adviser, I have no idea where I would be today.   

-Lee Mashburn '19


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