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Welcome To Marvelwood

Welcome from the Head of School

Here, “family” takes many forms. It’s both a philosophy and a feeling – one that visitors repeatedly say is evident across campus. Intentionally sized to facilitate close connections, our School takes pride in the purposeful planning of academic, extracurricular, residential, and social initiatives that promote open communication, foster meaningful relationships, and provide a true sense of belonging.

At Marvelwood, students become part of no fewer than ten distinct families: their advisory group, their classes, their dormitory, their grade level, their team, their cast…and their Pterodactyl Spirit Cup House. The House Cup program is a fantastic recipe for “instant family,” linking our school’s past in Cornwall, CT to our Kent home, our alumni to our students, and our students to faculty, staff, and each other. It’s also a manifestation of our tenacious commitment to the belief that connection plays a fundamental role at Marvelwood, fueling each student’s growth, engagement and confidence and setting the stage for a lifetime of success.

"Marvelwood is all about family."

Blythe Everett P'14, '16, Head of School

For a small school, Marvelwood boasts a big extended family. Our core values – honesty, respect, responsibility, service to others – were born in the earliest days of the school and link us across generations. All members of our community have shared dreams, weathered challenges, and forged lasting partnerships in pursuit of each student’s growth and happiness. Like family, together we care and tend, applaud, reaffirm, respond, forgive, celebrate, recognize, guide, hope, and love.

Ours is a family like no other, unparalleled in our dedication, unrivaled in our legacy and mission, and fiercely proud of our “forever home.” Join us and experience the magic of Marvelwood School.

Blythe Everett P'14, '16 was appointed Head of School in June 2019 by a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees, after serving one year as Interim Head. A graduate of Trinity College (B.A., English), Blythe also earned a M.S. Ed. and a teaching certification in secondary education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a member of the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society.

Blythe joined the Marvelwood faculty in 1990, when the School was located in Cornwall, CT. In her 31 years at Marvelwood, Blythe has served as Assistant Head of School, Academic Dean, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life, and English Department Chair. She coached softball, was the faculty advisor to the newspaper and literary magazine, and participated in the theater program, both directing and acting. As Assistant Head of School under Heads of School Anne D. Scott and Scott Pottbecker, she led the senior administrative team on key initiatives including developing a social networking policy during the rise of the internet, identifying and reaffirming the school’s core values, improving student retention, and expanding the Advanced Placement and arts curricula. Blythe was named Female Faculty Member of the Year four times; her honors-level senior English developed a reputation as a challenging and demanding course which, according to countless alumni, more than prepared students for the rigors of college level work.

Blythe and her husband, Mike, who joined the School’s mathematics department in 1996, raised two children on campus. Both Sam ‘14 and Maggie ‘16 are proud Marvelwood alumni who were active in The Marvelwood Players, various athletic teams, and student government. Outside of school, Blythe serves on the Town of Kent's Park and Recreation Commission, has been active in community theatre, and is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

As Marvelwood's 7th Head of School, Blythe continues to work closely with the Board of Trustees to focus on campus-wide and programmatic improvements as well as curricular initiatives designed to help fully prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly diverse and rapidly-changing world.