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Kildonan @ Marvelwood

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An Historic Alliance

Marvelwood and Kildonan Announce Partnership

The hallmark of the Kildonan experience is the diagnostic and prescriptive 1:1 Orton-Gillingham tutorial–now available at the Marvelwood School.

Marvelwood has a long history of meeting the needs of a diverse set of learners. With decades of experience of supporting students who battle the anxiety of a learning difference, we have brought the Kildonan program for students to the Marvelwood School. Kildonan and Marvelwood now share key veteran Kildonan educators as joint employees.

Students enrolled in the program work with a highly skilled Orton-Gillingham practitioner who focuses precisely on individual needs so students experience success from the start. Using a battery of informal and standardized assessments, we create a diagnostic and prescriptive learning pathway which varies widely from individual to individual.

The goal is always to elevate our students’ skill levels so that they match their intellectual potential.

Outside of the intensive Orton-Gillingham, students enjoy the rigorous and rich curriculum which Marvelwood has always provided. Like Kildonan, Marvelwood’s small class size, strong core values, respect for diversity, and appreciation for the value of service to others made this a natural partnership.

Kildonan @ Marvelwood