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It's a Lifelong Journey

At Marvelwood, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. Marvelwood academics are experiential, active, and hands-on. Our faculty thoughtfully and intentionally design a customized curriculum that supports and engages all types of learners. We believe that it is not memorization, but rather understanding and inquiry that will support our students throughout a lifetime of learning and discovery. Thank you for getting to know us. We welcome your inquiry and encourage you to visit campus- whether virtually or in-person. There's no better way to understand the exceptional educational opportunities that await you here!


We believe in opportunity without compromise. During a time when specialization is the norm, we choose to create, instead, a culture of balance that makes space for our students to explore their varied passions and, perhaps, be inspired by new ones. At Marvelwood, you don't have to choose between being an athlete or an artist, between community service or chorus, between rock band or rock climbing; you can simply enjoy experiencing what inspires you.

What does success look like? It looks like Marvelwood.


College Readiness: The PG Year

After over a year of disrupted education, does your college-bound student need more time to prepare for the rigors of college-level work? Could they benefit from a transitional experience before living away from home?

A year at Marvelwood will prepare students entering their senior or postgraduate year to get the most out of their college experience. As an intentionally small school, our specialty is creating individual approaches to learning that will most deeply resonate, inspire, and engage. Each student's program is customized to their needs; small classes, fiercely dedicated faculty, and optional participation in our Learning Support program can address specific gaps that may have resulted from an extended period of remote and/or hybrid learning. In our diverse, welcoming, and supportive community, Marvelwood offers the opportunity for college-bound students to build crucial skills, gain independence, and develop the confidence and self-advocacy they will need to meet the academic and social challenges of higher education.


  • Appropriately challenging classes including honors, advanced placement, and independent study

  • Optional Learning Support program

  • A wide range of engaging electives and extracurriculars

  • Proctored study halls

  • Writing skills development

  • Individualized college counseling and support through the entire college process

  • Standardized test preparation

  • A focus on effective study habits including time management and organization

  • Broad programmatic engagement for both day and boarding students

  • Vibrant performing and visual arts programming

  • Competitive, recreational, and intramural sports

  • Weekly community service

  • Opportunity and encouragement to explore passions and develop new interests

  • A focus on community wellness

  • Hands-on experiences and leadership opportunities

  • Dedicated, involved faculty and advisors who know and value each student