The Small School Advantage

All boarding schools offer enticing alternatives to large, impersonal public schools. But not all boarding communities are created equal.

Choosing the right school for your child is no small task, but at Marvelwood, we believe “small” is the key to our success with generations of students, and should be exactly what you’re looking for in a school.

Our founders established Marvelwood as an intentionally small school for students who needed more than they were offered in a larger, more traditional, or more impersonal setting. The intimacy of our community fosters and promotes our true understanding of our students. It’s in our DNA to know them well, and we have the flexibility to react to their needs, interests and strengths in order to create exceptional learning experiences that both empower and engage.

Here are some big reasons why our small size makes Marvelwood an excellent choice for your child.

We are a welcoming and friendly school community. Intentionally sized to facilitate close connections, Marvelwood takes pride in the purposeful planning of academic, extracurricular, residential, and social initiatives that promote open communication, foster meaningful relationships, and provide a true sense of belonging. We have a deep appreciation for each individual’s background and experiences. Our students are known, valued, and treated with respect and kindness.

We provide a customized educational experience. An enviable student/teacher ratio of less than 4:1, a fiercely dedicated faculty, and class sizes averaging 7 enable us to provide individualized attention, appropriate challenge, and customized support. We deliver an impressively broad academic curriculum encompassing nearly 100 different classes and electives; many current classes including Virtual Reality Film Studies, Military History, Ornithology & Animation, Music Theory, Sports Journalism, Computing & Cyberspace, and Forensics were born out of student interest. Our students are living, breathing, evolving entities, and our curriculum is, too.

Parents are partners. We understand our parents. You’re seeking not just the right academic environment, but a school where kids are nurtured, cared for, and comfortable--like they would be at home. You’re looking for adults to trust with your child’s educational, emotional, and social growth. We’re proud of the family-like environment that characterizes the Marvelwood experience, and we’re committed to communicating frequently and effectively, soliciting feedback, and involving parents as partners on your child’s journey.

We empower students and build confidence that changes lives. We are tenaciously committed to the belief that connection plays a fundamental role in the lives of young people, fueling each student’s growth, engagement and confidence and setting the stage for a lifetime of success. Our students thrive in a small, nurturing environment where they can own their experiences, explore their passions, celebrate who they are, appreciate the diversity of the world around them, and grow into who they want to become.

At Marvelwood, students benefit from a small-school experience that allows us to really know their intricacies and interests and enables us to create individual approaches to learning that will most deeply resonate, inspire, and engage. Simply put, our small school has a big and lasting impact. We believe you’ve made a great choice by considering Marvelwood for your child, and we hope you’ll join us.

To learn more about the Marvelwood's small school approach we invite you to schedule a tour, fill out an inquiry form or apply to join our next generation of Pterodactyls!