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Community Spotlight: Jonathan Matson '17

Matson CS

Marvelwood Community Spotlight

We are always proud of the experiences of our pterodactyls. Our Community Spotlight features the stories of alumni and community members after their time at Marvelwood. To submit your story or nominate a Marvelwood graduate, email

Jonathan Matson ‘17 spent his time at Marvelwood learning and developing his interests in technology and gaming. Matson graduated from Champlain College in 2021 and founded Matson & Associates, a technology consulting firm that serves local non-profit organizations. More recently, Jonathan has returned to Marvelwood as an Admissions Associate, and we are happy he’s back!

Do you have any take-aways from your time at Marvelwood?

“Marvelwood taught me a lot about independence. I was a boarding student on Skiff Mountain and because of this, I had no problem adjusting to living by myself, and managing my time when I arrived at College. I watched many of my peers struggle, and make poor choices with their new-found ‘freedom’. The faculty at Marvelwood helped me foster my independence which allowed me to make smart decisions and kept me on track!

I always look back at my residential life with fondness as my dorm parents always made our living environment comfortable and safe. These important mentors were also always available to give me advice, which I believe helped me make better decisions during my time at Marvelwood. The structure and support I was afforded in the classroom and through the Strategies program really taught me how to live and succeed, while managing my ADHD and anxiety. I’m grateful to all those faculty and I’m proud that I was able to make a seamless transition to College because of the support I received at Marvelwood..

In my first semester at Champlain, I was informed that my major was being removed upon my graduation; leaving zero room to fail or drop a class as those classes wouldn’t be offered in alternate semesters. This was an immediate stressor for me, but this new challenge also encouraged discipline and perseverance as I always found ways to ensure I passed each course. In the end, this added stressor helped motivate me to succeed with a 3.5 GPA.

Marvelwood allowed me to explore and find my passion with technology. I was able to shadow our IT faculty in my free blocks. I was able to watch computers being repaired, helping with Audio/Visual set-up, and I also got a chance to help with campus events such as Admission Preview Day. I felt like it was one of my most beneficial experiences–learning real-world industry applications for IT alongside a professional. This experience helped foster my love for technology, and may even be why Matson & Associates partners with so many non-profits (like Marvelwood) today!

I launched Matson & Associates at 16 years of age, and I credit a lot of it to the experiences, and support I received, at Marvelwood. I credit being able to ask questions, experience hands-on learning, and execute the skills I learned from ‘interning’ with IT as my one stand-out opportunity at Marvelwood.

Marvelwood offers up a tremendous amount of care and support, but offers new things to try, and even more importantly a safe place to fail. Through all of this, I learned to be me, my best self! I’m horrible at golf, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it every time I played. I’m no longer afraid to fail in front of colleagues when I go out golfing because at Marvelwood everyone, no matter their skill, was accepted. At Marvelwood, I was able to try everything. I was the captain of the JV tennis team, editor of the paper, and a dorm prefect. There is so much to get involved with, and so much to discover about yourself, and what better place than a safe, supportive environment than Marvelwood.

What have you accomplished since graduating from Marvelwood?

I graduated in the class of 2017, and I’ve achieved a lot since graduating from Marvelwood!

I went to Champlain College and got my bachelor’s degree in computer information technology, and business administration. While I was there, I was a resident advisor and Director of Communications for the Student Government Association. I was on the presidential senate, and was picked by the president of the college to handle all communications for the student government.

I founded Matson & Associates, which provides web design, IT consultations, and cyber security. I offer support to local businesses outside of my work at Marvelwood and pride myself on being the person that helps a non-profit succeed in my hometown of Kent.

I’m also on the Board of Directors at Kent NewsInc, the publishing company of Kent Goodtimes dispatch, which was Kent’s longest-running newspaper for fifty-seven years. I’m also the social media manager of Kent’s Chamber of Commerce. I’m a member of the Kent Lions club, and on the Board of Directors of Merryall Community Center. And of course the Admissions Associate here at Marvelwood.

How did you become Marvelwood’s Admissions Associate?

I was living and running Matson & Associates in Burlington VT when my business partner left. Shortly thereafter, I returned to Kent, CT to base my business closer to home, and attract new clients locally. I’ve never been one for full-time work as I’ve really enjoyed being an entrepreneur and self-employed, but if there’s one place where I would work full-time, it was at Marvelwood School. When the faculty kept seeing me and telling me “We’d love to have you back!” I applied for this job and was hired!

I specifically help manage Marvelwood’s Admission database. One of my proudest accomplishments to date is helping to automate a lot of the daily tasks within the Admission process. Freeing up time for my colleagues to spend more time with prospective families over completing paperwork is a big win in my books! I also help manage the application process, schedule tours, and create content for social media.

Tell us one funny fact about working in Admission?

I gave tours as a student as well; it’s been fun to do again! I can still do my backward walk throughout the entire tour, never needing to turn around.

Thanks for sharing with us, Jonathan! We are so happy to welcome you back!