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Honesty, respect, responsibility, and service are more than nice ideas here: they’re living, breathing entities that influence every day at Marvelwood. To our families: We’re so glad you’re part of our community! We value the opportunity to partner with you in your student’s journey at Marvelwood. Below, please find all the resources you'll need as you begin planning for your child's move to Skiff Mountain.


We're encouraging students to lean-in to summer learning by striving to acquire 500 points. Please check out the tabs below to see how you can earn points:


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In the coming weeks, Dean For Parents and Director of Residential Life Misty Jordan will be assigning one of our amazing New Parent reps to call your household soon! Our reps will be available to answer questions, outline the first few weeks of school and classes and answer any questions you might have!

Information About Travel

Air Travel
Train Travel
Livery + Taxi Travel

Air Travel

Flights should be booked to allow ample time for students to get to and from the airports. JFK and La Guardia Airports are two hours from school, Newark Liberty Airport is 2 1/2, and Hartford's Bradley Airport is 1 1/2 hours. A travel day is built into most breaks so parents may book flights at that day if necessary.

Parents are encouraged to make arrangements directly with one of the following car services:

Train Travel

Students wishing to take the Metro North train line to and/or from New York City are transported to and from the Tenmile River train station by school shuttle. This is the Harlem Line, with Wassaic as the last stop. There is no charge for shuttle service if your child departs and/or returns at the specific train times designated below.

Students leaving or arriving at times other than those designated must arrange taxi service to or from the train station. Please convey any information about alternate departure or return times to Barbara D’Iorio (860-927-0047 x1003) or the Administrator on Duty (203-788-4985).

The MTA eTix App (right, available from the App Store) can be used for purchasing tickets, and checking schedule. The My MTA App is also useful for delays and other real-time information about arrivals and departures.

Important Information:

  • Ten Mile is a remote train station, with limited and/or sporadic taxi service.

  • THERE IS NO UBER OR LYFT (despite appearing so on their apps).

  • Students must always indicate in Veracross that they will be utilizing the scheduled shuttle.

  • Students are reminded to travel with a fully charged phone and/or an external battery.

  • They should have the AOD phone number (203-788-4985) saved in their phone for emergencies, such as missing a stop or getting off at the wrong station.

Livery + Taxi Travel

Important Travel Contact Information

>> Marvelwood Administrator on Duty 203-788-4985
>>Marvelwood Main School Phone 860-927-0047