Please Vote!

Congratulations to our student filmmakers! Three student-produced films were submitted to the Democracy Youth Film Challenge

Justice for All by Sam Schadt '21 & George Fink '23 is a semi-finalist. The film crew also included Leila Pongracz '23, James Duffy '20, Alex Carlin '22 & Axel Orzano '22.

Justice for All and two other Marvelwood film Studies productions can be voted for in the Audience Choice Category.  Powerless by Leila Pongracz '23 with Axel Orzano '22 & Sam Schadt '21, and The Mask Makers by Aiden Cherninske '23, Max Foster '20 and Amadeus Rule '20. Check out their films and vote! We're very proud of the hard work and dedication of our Film Studies students and their instructor Ben Willis, who met challenge after challenge throughout the spring and summer to produce these incredibly well-researched and professionally-made films. 

Voting is now closed but you can attend the free virtual event on Thursday, September 10, 7:00-8:00pm. Watch all of the submissions! 

The Democracy Youth Film Challenge is sponsored by Civic Life Project. Founded by two Emmy Award documentary filmmakers and educators, the Civic Life Project (CLP) is a unique educational initiative to inspire high school and college students to learn about civics and to actively participate in the democratic process through documentary filmmaking. Marvelwood worked with CLP for many years, producing award-winning films and documentaries. Learn more about our film studies program!