Studio Art Spotlight:

Many Hands Make Light Work

Hand studies are classic requirements for art college portfolios. They’re  most accessible, yet complex and among the most challenging of subject matter for artists. Depicting a convincing anatomy of the hand is difficult enough not to mention conveying its form, perspective, and light source in several expressions on a two-dimensional page. Add color and paint to the mix and it’s a whole other ballgame. 

Our upcoming exhibition will feature the work of Marvelwood studio artists who spent the last few weeks practicing the hand in a variety of media, from pencil and Conté Crayon on paper, to full color paintings in acrylic. Students looked at Gray’s Anatomy and studied drawings from the Old Masters. Most of all, the focus was on looking well at the opposite hand they were drawing or painting with—testing their ability to interpret what they observed. The results, from straightforward takes to complicated ones, big and small, were fruitful and fun iterations that demonstrated technique and unique vision around this extensive lesson. 

-Thomas Libetti 
Studio Art Instructor

Anna Qui '19

Kyle Zhau '21

CT Jin '22

Beier Hu '20

Olivia Pignataro '21

Olivia Pignataro '21

Alex Gong '19

Zey Jin '19

Zey Jin '19

Rebecca Koh '19

Jiayu 'Glory' Shen '19

Hailin 'Kaisa' Long '22

Cherry Zheng '21

Jack Brady-Weissman '21

Maddie Paddock '21