The mission of the Arts Department is to empower all students to discover and foster their creativity by giving them skills and tools to develop and explore their own personal self-expression.

We strive to create an open and encouraging artistic environment.

Film Studies

Students in our award-winning film studies program have a variety of opportunities to learn and develop film making skills.  As an elective, Film Studies introduces student to the basics of film production and analysis. Short films are written, filmed, edited, and screened for the School community. 

Documentary film projects are produced as part of Community Service Wednesday in conjunction with various groups, including the Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service.  These projects are extensive and involve a tremendous amount of planning, research, coordination, and teamwork. 

Marvelwood Film Studies work has been selected for local and national film festivals, including the All American High School Film Festival, which takes place in New York City each fall. 

Film Studies News