Planned Giving

The Bodkin Society was established in memory of Robert Bodkin, the School's Founder, in honor of the School's 50th Anniversary celebration. The Society honors those Marvelwood supporters who have already made planned gift provisions for the School. As we look to the future, there are a number of opportunities for members of the Marvelwood Family to join The Bodkin Society to strengthen the School's financial resources and to help build the School's endowment.

Planned giving donors will become members of The Bodkin Society, honoring alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, current parents, faculty and staff who remember Marvelwood in an estate or financial plan. The Bodkin Society plays a significant role in the School's future, the coming capital campaign, and the stability of our mission. The name is a respectful nod to our Founder and the history of The Marvelwood School as a leading independent boarding school. Members of The Bodkin Society, like all donors to the School, are recognized in the School's annual report each year. In addition, members of The Bodkin Society will receive special mailings and invitations to events on campus in recognition of their support of The Marvelwood School.

Planned giving is philanthropy that involves estate and financial planning. Planned gifts, generally, have the following characteristics:

  1. A planned gift benefits both the donor and the School. The donor reduces taxes, increases income, or satisfies another personal financial need. The school receives a significant gift.
  2. Planned gifts, which may be outright or deferred, are based on the donor's timetable - often when he or she is making an estate or financial plan, anticipating retirement, or celebrating the birth of a grandchild. A charitable lead trust or a gift of readily salable real estate or personal property produces income now. The income from a charitable remainder trust or bequest is deferred.
  3. Planned gifts may be revocable or irrevocable. There are three kinds of planned gifts: those irrevocably committed to Marvelwood, those irrevocably committed to charity (providing the donor with significant tax benefits) but not irrevocably committed to the School; and those which are revocable, such as a bequest in the will of a living person.
  4. Planned gifts often satisfy other personal financial needs, including: reducing income taxes and/or avoiding gift, estate or capital gains taxes, passing assets to other generations, or increasing income at retirement.

Gifts to The Bodkin Society may include:


The simplest and most traditional way is through a bequest under your will, either as a specific sum, a specific percentage of your estate, or the rest and remainder of your estate after debts, taxes, expenses, and specific bequests to your heirs.

In addition, there are a number of instruments you could utilize to benefit you and your family, as well as Marvelwood. With many of these vehicles, you can have the satisfaction of seeing your gift go to work for you and for Marvelwood within a very short time.


You might consider a charitable remainder trust with Marvelwood as the beneficiary. A charitable remainder trust is created when you irrevocably transfer cash, securities, or other property to a trustee, who may be yourself, the school, a bank, or another individual. This trust provides you with income during your lifetime. Upon termination of the trust, the principal would pass on to Marvelwood.


A charitable lead trust might be the appropriate vehicle for you. A charitable lead trust provides for the payment of income to Marvelwood and /or charitable beneficiaries selected by you for a period of years. Upon the expiration of the trust, the remainder reverts to you or to members of your family, as you choose.


You might also consider naming Marvelwood a beneficiary of the remainder of a pension fund or an IRA; transferring ownership of a life insurance policy to Marvelwood; or donating art, a home, or other property to the School.

We hope you will include Marvelwood when you are considering your lifelong financial planning priorities

If you have already named Marvelwood in your plans, please let the Advancement Office know. If you would like more information on how to name Marvelwood in your plans, we will provide you with guidance on how to get started. (We encourage you to consult your own financial planner or legal counsel when considering any type of planned gift.)

For more information regarding The Bodkin Society, please contact Director of Advancement Glenn Sanchez P'18, '19 at (860) 927-0047 ext 1045.

Bodkin Society Brochure