Annual Fund

The Marvelwood Annual Fund enables us to offer the unique and invaluable Marvelwood experience. Your donations come to life through our dedicated teachers, small classes, creative programs, experiential education, athletics, and much more. Each gift is a vote of confidence in Marvelwood's mission and directly enhances the experience of each student and faculty member.

The Marvelwood Annual Fund supports the essentials, such as science programs and college counseling, as well as our unique extras, including weekly community service, the Panama trip, and Round Square, and provides the margin of excellence that we associate with the School. Participating in The Marvelwood Annual Fund to the best of your ability is one of the most meaningful ways to show your support for the School and the people who make a difference.

100% Participation!

We ask all members of our community—alumni, parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff, friends, local businesses, and foundations—to contribute as generously as possible. Participation at all levels will increase Marvelwood's ability to provide an excellent academic program that meets the needs of our students and teachers, and maintain our beautiful campus environment.

Foundations and major donors who Marvelwood approaches for capital projects put a high premium on the percentage of participation among alumni and parents to The Marvelwood Annual Fund. Generous and widespread support indicates to them that “the customers are satisfied" and the school is worthy of their investment.

Why are Annual Funds important?

Contributions to The Marvelwood Annual Fund supplement tuition income and enables the School to meet its annual operating expenses. Each year's tuition covers only a portion of a student's education at Marvelwood. Thus, every Marvelwood student benefits from gifts to The Marvelwood Annual Fund and receives a hidden financial aid award of approximately $3,500. This amount is the difference between tuition and the true cost of educating each student. Charging the 'full' tuition would put a Marvelwood education out of the reach of many qualified students and would create a very homogeneous population. The diversity represented by the student body is an important aspect of the Marvelwood community that the school values and seeks to preserve. In order to continue to provide opportunity for students from many different cultural, social, and economic backgrounds, it is necessary to find a fair way to counter increasing costs without significantly raising the tuition. Voluntary giving to The Marvelwood Annual Fund is an equitable way to counter rising educational costs and it is, unlike tuition payments, tax-deductible.



2021-2022 Annual Fund


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