Every Student is an Artist

Marvelwood’s arts program is built on a proud tradition of artistic expression that dates back to the School’s founding. Securing the funds to make the proposed Arts Center a reality will both enhance the program and propel it forward as well as enable the School to achieve its mission and serve the needs of the individual students. Together, we can make the arts at Marvelwood second to none — putting the School at the forefront of education as a national leader in the arts.

At Marvelwood, every student is an artist; art is part of a student’s everyday life. All students— no matter their level of training or exposure to the arts — have a gift for creating, for discovering their own creative voice, and Marvelwood’s program helps them hone that gift. This School is a remarkable community with an outstanding reputation for excellence in education and the arts. There is a true sense of joy, friendship, and purpose on campus. Marvelwood’s set of core values — honesty, respect, responsibility, and service — guides us as a community of learners and artists. The arts both investigate and reinforce the School’s core values every day. Studying the arts teaches our students analytical and creative thinking, problem solving, project-based learning, collaboration, communication, global perspective, non-traditional assessment and arts literacy.

Marvelwood’s founders, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bodkin and Mr. & Mrs. Ian Hanna, would be proud to know that the School today remains a visionary institution in the field of arts and education. Our work at Marvelwood is critical to the success of each student — we change lives and we empower students. This is an important moment for the School, and we hope you will consider a gift to the capital campaign. With your gift, you will be part of making the Arts Center a reality for our students and community. Marvelwood is a very special place.

Please contact:

Paul J. Tines
Assistant Head of School for Advancement