Angela Eastwick '02

Angela Eastwick ’02 lives in Negril, Jamaica, where she owns and operates Juju Tours. Employing the tagline “Don’t Be Such a Tourist!”, Juju encourages visitors to “step off of their resorts and out of their comfort zones” by way of off-the-beaten-path exploration. More importantly, though, supporting local businesses on every excursion, showcasing Jamaican communities and giving back, is a primary mission of Angela’s company: “It’s a sobering disparity between Jamaica’s natural beauty and the never-ending hardships. Nestled in between the island’s lush greenery, buried deep underneath the sapphire waters of the Caribbean Sea, traveling silently between each sweet, tropical breeze, Jamaicans suffer a disturbing amount of oppression, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, crime and disease.

While the country’s most lucrative industry, tourism, continues to thrive, Jamaicans continue to suffer. How is it that one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations can be plagued by such socioeconomic troubles? Tourism leaders have done a fine job of keeping visitors ignorant to the island’s truth.” In one of Juju’s most off-the-beaten-path excursions, The Countryside Tour, tourists visit a real Jamaican community, including a small nursery school which has been renovated with the financial help of Angela’s non-profit organization, the Good Juju Charity Project. Guests on this trip are encouraged to bring school supplies, shoes, clothing items, toiletries, games and/or toy donations to give away to the schools and Jamaican families in need. Introducing their guests to places like community nursery schools has opened the door to ongoing support of Juju’s scholarship fund, the “Send-a-Child-to-School-Program,” which provides full funding (fees, uniforms, lunch, taxi fare, etc.) to any local child in need. The only condition is that students attend school every day, barring illness or emergency. Currently, there are twenty-two children in the Send-a-Child-to-School- Program. Angela attributes her risk-taking personality and strong work ethic to the confidence she gained while attending The Marvelwood School. She was featured in the 2014 Blue & White, and was the Commencement speaker in 2016.