Amanda Sceusa Walter '06

Amanda is an engineer at Merck and Co., Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. In 2018-2019, she worked on a one-year project in the Philadelphia area to develop a new vaccine candidate within the Merck Pipeline. She also volunteers as a mentor to help promote women in science. 

Amanda majored in Biology and Marine Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she met her now-husband Greg. Upon graduating, they moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Amanda began working within the pharmaceutical industry. After spending three years as a lab analyst at Hospira, Inc. (now Pfizer), she decided to pursue a graduate degree in Biomanufacturing at North Carolina State University. During her graduate experience, her work was featured in The Graduate School News and NC State’s Think Magazine.  

Amanda attributes much of her success to the many inspirational teachers and mentors who supported her over the years, starting with the Marvelwood faculty. “What I value most,” she says, “are the faculty, the heart of Marvelwood, and their drive to make things fun and as interactive and interesting as possible.” She and her brother Nick considered the Everetts their “parents away from home.” Blythe Everett Blythe Everett P’14, ’16 was both of their advisors. “There’s a realness; they’re not just teachers, but human people,” notes Amanda. “They’re always there to support you, notice you… the message is ‘we care about you.’ They’re lovely people who exude compassion.” Other faculty who made a difference for Amanda: former art teacher Marbie Kollath (“… a graceful, gentle person; focused and inspiring… I started with no skill, and she helped me develop great confidence in ceramics”); former science teacher Craig Ough (“His environmental science class turned me onto marine science as something I enjoyed and pursued”); Science Department Chair Laurie Doss (“She IS Miss Frizzle! Everything she does makes an impact on the greater good”). Amanda was on one of the very first trips with Miss Doss to Panama, which she remembers vividly as an amazing and eye-opening experience: “Being around people who have nothing or very little, I came away with a strong sense of humility that I got to return to boarding school. Not everyone gets that. I’m very aware of how the prep school experience has given me the upper hand.” Amanda and Nick took some time out of their busy schedules to spend a day on campus, sitting in on classes, speaking to students about their career paths, and sharing Marvelwood experiences. 

Amanda spoke to science classes about her experiences
working for Merke.
  Nick and Amanda were the recipients of the School's highest award, the Wittenberg Cup.