Faces of Marvelwood

We’re celebrating 60 years of graduates! The first Marvelwood graduating class received their diplomas from Headmaster Robert Bodkin in 1958; 60 years later, the Class of 2018 will receive their diplomas from Head of School Arthur F. Goodearl, Jr. on May 26th, 2018. Members of the Class of 1958 will be honored and address the graduates at Commencement.

As part of the celebration, we’re looking for the Faces of Marvelwood. Alumni and faculty are invited to nominate students who best exemplify and embody the spirit and purpose of the School. Thank you for your nominations!

Karim Badwan '94 and Sylvain Auger '94

From Yowann Byghan (John King), former faculty member:

"I would like to nominate two students- Karim Badwan and Sylvain Auger- both of whom overcame considerable personal difficulties, who were liked and trusted equally by their peers and by the Marvelwood faculty, who were always honest and direct in their dealings with everybody, and who have both gone on to successful and fulfilled adult lives and careers. There were lots of wonderful students (and faculty) at Marvelwood, and many of them have similar stories to tell, but, for me, Karim and Sylvain stand out as the best of the best; good men whom I will always be proud to call my friends."

Karim spoke to juniors and seniors at last year's Career Day. Read about his fascinating career path in the latest issue of the Blue & White.

Karim as a student in the early 90s, and at Career Day in February, 2017

Sylvain with Sam Corwin, son of faculty member Nat Corwin, in the early 90s

Karim (bottom, left) and Sylvain (top, second from left) with classmates, in Miller Dorm?

William Emmons '67

David Howell '65 wrote:

"Bill is an exceptional man who has founding a true calling running a hill top farm in Vermont. Understanding that a farm would not generate enough income he has built a popular restaurant on his farm. There is also a side store that sells his great tasting beef."

Cloudland Farm, in North Putney, Vermont, has been in the Emmons family since 1908. Stop by if you're in the area!

Yearbook photo and skiing at Mohawk Mountain in the early 60s

Siobhain Clancy Craemer '93

From Amy Goldstein Staub '92:

"Siobhain is the best. She stays in touch with everyone, has always been a positive supporter of all things Marvelwood, and truly represents the Spirit of Marvelwood."

Siobhain (top, right) on the Cornwall campus in the early 90s, and at Reunion 2017 in Kent