Marvelwood Class Agents

Class Agents are liaisons between their former classmates and the School. Agents keep alumni informed about school events, and encourage their active participation in the Marvelwood community by attending athletic contests or artistic performances, participating in reunion weekend in June, attending regional gatherings, and supporting the annual fund.

The Marvelwood School experience does not end at graduation; the Advancement Office seeks to support our Class Agents (see list below) in their efforts to keep alumni informed about today's Marvelwood and how they can actively participate in the life of the school. Should you be interested in becoming a Class Agent, please contact the Advancement Office. Thank you!

Class Agents

1970 Richard Lavieri

1971 Richard Whitney & David Woods*

1972 Marshall H. Heaven

1973 Bruce Byers

1976  Michael Dolan

1977 Kathy Place Clark & Gary Lanza

1978 Cecile Watters Tebo

1979 Gordie Mackenzie

1980 Sara-Jane Danaher

1981 Sue Swanson*

1982 David Ransom

1983 Ann Wurzer Thomson

1984 Skip Brown & Sid Yarbrough

1985 Kathrine Butler & Laura Howard McClendon

1986 Jenny Aschaffenburg Williamson*

1987 Kirsten Stommel Gonneville & Lucas Heller

1988 John Russell

1989 Adam Skiff & Alex Brady Pechkis

1990 Peter Sommerfield

1991 Keisha Cleveland Baptiste, David Dennehy & R.Matthew Dupuis*

1992 Robb Demarest, Amy Goldstein Staub & Mollie Michie-Lepp

1993 Siobhain Clancey Craemer & Ben Foxx

1994 Karim Badwan

1995 Kelly Hunt, Mary Mozingo & Rachel Steier White

1996 Sarah Stackhouse Wayland*

1998 Blair Patterson

1999 Lori Pelech

2000 Will Strozier

2001 Josh Hammond & Beata M. Grzeczkowicz Krawczyk*

2002 Angela Eastwick

2003 Xan Chaves

2004 Zach Maizel & Toni Bullock

2005 Iain Forbes & Carlos Santos

2006 Julian Golfarini & Dylan Stroup*

2007 Tessa Voegeli

2008 Jade Brown

2009 Chad Rivard

2010 Thalia Longchamp & Karen Obadia

2011 Josiah Bates & Lizzy Hackney*

2012 Will Connor & Sam Waldschmidt

2013 Taylor Nappi, Lizzy Pase & Kyle-Rowe Zarba

2014 Sam Everett & Nicole Kennedy

2015 Sheriff Drammeh & Kendale Sheffield

2016 Maggie Everett, Erin Hussey & Ivan Lerner*

2017 Jack Harding, Chris Lane & Jon Matson

2018 Max Branson, Guy Kennedy, Blue Kirkpatrick & Victoria Sanchez

2019 Vera Hudson,  Alex Sanchez, Nathan Winter

2020 David Ma

2021 Madelyn Malinowski, Via Masina

* = Milestone Class Year

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