Activities & Clubs

At Marvelwood, student activities, clubs, special trips and events are built right into the structure of the week to allow students the opportunity to share their talents and interests and to have fun with friends and faculty. Students are encouraged to contribute to planning the activity calendar by creating new clubs or proposing trips, weekend activities, games and other events that promote student interaction and entertainment.

There's so much going on at Marvelwood that it's impossible not to get in on the action! Students join their friends in their favorite activities or volunteer where there's a need. There's something different to do every week and every weekend. Teachers and peers alike reach out to get everyone involved, so it doesn't take long before all students are making friends and making a name for themselves doing what they like to do!

We want our students to feel comfortable, welcome, and engaged in their home-away-from-home. That means making sure that every student has a voice, and that every voice is heard. Marvelwood is a community built on respect and responsibility, a place where everyone is valued and where we look out for each other. When you're feeling safe and comfortable, you can be yourself. And when you can be yourself, you can feel unique without feeling alone. In a school that celebrates the individual, nothing is more important.

Off-Campus Trips


  • History Club
  • Pop Culture Club
  • Scrabble Club


  • Dance Instruction
  • Dorm Barbecues
  • International Night
  • Low Ropes Challenge Course
  • Lunar New Year
  • Moon Festival
  • Marvelwood Idol
  • Music on the Mountain
  • Make-a-Wish Princess Tea
  • Rock Band
  • Table-Top Gaming
  • Winter Warm-Up Week
  • Yoga