By Ben Meyer '22

For the last two weeks, I have been watching “The Last Dance,” a documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997-1998 basketball season. The documentary has ten thousand hours of footage, put into 10 hours. Each hour is an episode, shown on ESPN and on-demand. The Last Dance reveals in-depth information about the Chicago Bulls and the all-star player, Michael Jordan. I’ve learned so much already about Micheal Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson, and Scottie Pippen. The people who helped form the documentary made it so interesting, motivating, and entertaining to watch. 

Each episode has a different subject, such as a background story of a specific basketball player or what someone did, such as the general manager Jerry Krause forming the Chicago Bulls basketball team. I’ve learned about where basketball players grew up, what motivates them, and how hard it is for them to surpass a goal. An episode discussed the Detroit Pistons and how aggressive and hated they were when they played basketball. The Chicago Bulls really pushed hard to beat them. Once the Chicago Bulls won the championship in 1991 against the Detroit Pistons, the Pistons left the court without shaking the Bulls players' hands. Shaking hands shows respect between the opponents.

The documentary also talks about how Scottie Pippen was underpaid and how he sat out for part of a season because he wanted to be traded to another team. We also learned about Michael Jordan and how he is an amazing player and was considered the best basketball player in history. The world loved him. He brought a lot of pride to Chicago and helped lead the Bulls to a six championship streak in the 1990s. In addition, we learned that Phil Jackson was a huge factor in this championship streak because he was able to keep the team together and motivated to work hard.

I highly recommend this documentary. It has been truly an exciting ride to watch Michael Jordan’s amazing moments, the old games, and the history behind it all. You get to learn about some truly great players from the 1980s to the 1990s and special moments in basketball history and what it takes to succeed in the sport and get recognization. These men had to work really hard. They had to go to the gym often, exercise, practice, compete, play against each other, and study their competition. The game involved so much strategy. This documentary is a must-watch. I am not a huge basketball fan, but this documentary really grabbed my attention.