Tornado or Sharknado?

By Angie Fardo '23

Pterodactyl Times Parody

On Wednesday, April 21, at about 3 pm, the temperature around the Kent, CT area dropped from the 60’s to the 30’s in just a few minutes. The sky turned to a greenish hue, and rain and hail was reported all over Litchfield county. The winds, which reached speeds of 85 mph, made the outside temperature feel from 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the schoolwide tornado warning and drill at the Marvelwood School only lasted until around 4:30 pm, most of the campus lost power until about 11 pm and didn’t regain internet access until several days later. 

According to officials, this was no ordinary tornado. In the sky, spiraling with the wind, were beastly sharks. This sharknado had made its way far inland; miles and miles away from the closest shark-infested waters.

At first, the sharknado did not touch down on the land and remained in the sky. However, when the phenomena reached the Earth’s surface near South Kent School, trees were uprooted and twigs were flying all over. The sharks snapped around at their surroundings, often breaking off large tree branches.

No injuries have been reported from the storm, however, more low temperatures and high winds are expected in the next few weeks. Weather reporters are encouraging drivers to be extra careful and to report immediately if they see any flying sharks.