The AP Experience

By Ben Meyer '22

AP, also known as Advanced Placement, is a series of year-long courses that covers the fundamentals for a wide variety of subjects. For this year, I am taking AP U.S. History, a subject that covers the early 1600s all the way to the present that has to do with the United States. At the end of each year, AP classes will receive a test. 

This test will cover the content that you learned since the beginning of the year. If you do exceedingly well on the test, most colleges will give college credit, allowing you to take fewer classes or end up graduating with more college credits. The AP U.S. History exam is happening on May 6th, only a couple of days away. 

My experience with AP U.S. History is amazing. Mr. Sanchez, the teacher for the APUSH course is amazing. I learned that I am interested in modern history, like the Iran hostage crisis, the Watergate scandal, and Chernoble. If you were to take a regular U.S. history course, you would still be at the Civil War. I am stressed for this upcoming exam, however, learning about our history is very exciting and I am glad I chose to be in this class.  APs are a product of the College Board.