Movie Review: The Intern

By Ben Meyer '22

The Intern was one of the most wholesome movies I have ever seen, starring Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker and Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin. The movie tells the fictional tale of a young CEO, Jules Ostin, creating a senior citizen internship program. Ben Whittaker learns about this fantastic opportunity and is hired for one of four internship spots. As an intern, he would be assisting the CEO.

70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker had over 40 years’ worth of business experience and wanted to get back into the game. He had done everything he had wanted to do during his retirement. He had explored the world and taken advantage of every single opportunity that interested him. The intern program gave him something new to do. He became popular with his younger co-workers because of his charm, wisdom, and sense of humor.

Jules Ostin, the founder and CEO, initially assumed that she did not need an intern, especially a senior citizen. However, as the story moves along, she becomes very dependent on and very fond of Ben. Ben also assisted Jules in her personal life. For example, he drove Jules’s daughter to a birthday party and picked up Jules for work every morning. He became her driver, best friend, and advisor. 

The company was an online fashion site. It was similar to Amazon, except it was all about clothes. It had 220 employees who would offer customer service, help in a warehouse, or maintain the website. However, the movie only shows a small portion of the business side of the fashion website. In the movie, you do not learn how Jules Ostin got to where she is today. Instead, the movie is more about the intern Ben Whittaker and a little bit of what he did in his past. It was also about the help Jules Ostin truly needed in running the company’s business side and how much she needed a friend.

The Intern was a fantastic movie. If you enjoy comedies and always wondered what a successful CEO’s lifestyle is like, this movie is for you. You get a small glimpse into the world of online business and how much work goes into it.