Documentary Review: Tiger

By Ben Meyer '22

Who is Tiger Woods? The Tiger documentary on HBO answers that exact question in a two-part series. In case you are not familiar with Tiger Woods, he is one of the best golf players that this world has ever seen. He started from a young age and worked his way up. However, during his journey to the top, you get to learn the ups and downs that Tiger Woods went through and how he became a great golfer. 

In the beginning, Tiger was only focusing on golf. He never got the chance to experience other sports during his time with his father, Earl. Earl kept pushing Tiger to do better in golf and to only do exercises for golf. The relationship between him and Tiger was close. They called each other best friends. By the age of five, he already appeared in “Gold Digest” and ABC’s  “That’s Incredible!” His amazing golf skills were noticed by others. 

As time went on, he became one of the best professional athletes in golf by the age of 21. He became the Michael Jordan of golf. However, with his fame and great golf skills, he had no privacy. The only way for him to disappear from the fame would be to go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for its parties. Just like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods made poor decisions. During this time, he was married to his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren, while also having an affair with numerous other women. He was unable to keep his double life quiet for too long. The National Enquirer started to get suspicious, so they followed and watched him wherever he went. Eventually, the word got out about his affairs and the situation. It took a major toll on his reputation. 

This was not the end of Tiger Woods. For a period of time, his strength and ability to play golf started getting worse because of age and injuries. However, he was able to recover. His name started to return to its old glory. Stories about his affairs disappeared and his reputation slowly got better. He even won the Masters in 2019, an amazing accomplishment. Before 2019, the last time he had won the Masters was in 2005.

The documentary about Tiger Woods on HBO was amazing! It felt like I knew his story. At the end of the show, I had no questions, since the show was able to answer all of them. For example, I was curious about one of Tiger Woods’s fired caddies. The caddie worked for him for 13 years. There was a part of the documentary where we learned why he was fired. He was fired for working for a friend of his during Tiger Woods break from golfing. Tiger was one of the best and most detailed documentaries I have ever seen. If you love documentaries, especially ones similar to Michael Jordan’s Last Dance, then this documentary is for you.