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Tent Down
Sydney Mims '24

Gusty winds brought down the tent that was put up for spring term.  Thankfully, there were no injuries or damages, other than the tent. 

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The 'Bills Mafia'
Nikolai Birsch '22

The Buffalo Bills would not be in the position they are today without the honest hard-working fans- the "Bills Mafia'- painting themselves and showing up for games in bitterly cold weather.

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Newspaper Editors

Sydney Mims '22


Originally born in Connecticut, I was raised in Singapore and have travelled extensively with my family. I am a member of the newly-formed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Board. Another interesting thing about me is that I am involved in one of the current UCONN projects on campus, which is researching the historic Red Barn on campus. When not involved in school, I like spending time with my Mom; whilst this might sound weird it's true. 


Angelina Fardo '23


I am a 15-year-old sophomore girl, starting at the Marvelwood School this year. I live in Northern New Jersey, about 30 minutes from New York City. I have always had a passion for writing and journalism, and my dream job is to become an investigative journalist. I took a journalism class last year at my public school and wrote for the newspaper. I love sports, especially baseball, snowboarding, football, and college basketball. Sports writing will most likely be my main focus for the Pterodactyl Times; I will report on professional, college, and Marvelwood sports.

Newspaper Staff

Ben Meyer '22

I am Ben Meyer, a 16-year-old junior from Rye Brook, New York. I'm excited to be part of the Pterodactyl Times once again! This is my third year writing for the Marvelwood Newspaper.  Additionally, my passions are computer programming and technology. My favorite activities are soccer, skiing, and tennis. I also enjoy history and watching Netflix. For the newspaper, I will write movie and television reviews as well as articles about newsworthy events. 

Quinn Larkin '22

Hi, I’m Quinn Larkin, a junior here at Marvelwood. I am the lead writer on pop culture for Pterodactyl Times, overseeing the entertainment industry, and celebrity news, although I am not a gossiping type of person. This is my first time writing for a newspaper since my old school didn’t have one, but have experience paying attention to newsworthy topics. 

I’m from Eastern Connecticut, the Norwich area, where I used to go to Griswold High School. I am 17 years old and look forward to continuing my education at a college, which Marvelwood is preparing me for. I write for the newspaper because it interests me thoroughly and helps me hone my writing skills. I am interested in culture, comedy, politics, breaking news, and technology. I will generally be writing about pop culture, as well as other topics from time to time, and I will work to bring a balanced view of all big personalities/ celebrities.

Nikolai Birsch '22


Newspaper Advisers

Josh Gladstone

Mr. Gladstone teaches French.  He earned his degree from the University of Rochester (U of R) in Rochester, NY, where he received high honors in French for a thesis he wrote about Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables.”

In addition to French, Mr. Gladsonte teaches 'The American Legal System'.  Having received a law degree from Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, he enjoys sharing his appreciation for the law with his students.

Mr. Gladstone coaches Boys Varsity Tennis and Boys JV Basketball. An avid and accomplished saxophone player, Mr. Gladstone is a regular performer at Marvelwood’s “Music on the Mountain” concert series as well as the Music Department’s concerts.

Mike Everett P'14, '16

Mike Everett never planned to be a teacher...especially a math teacher.  Having struggled through math in high school, he discovered a passion for it in college at Clark University and the University of Connecticut. After several years working in the publishing business, he met his wife, Blythe Everett, at a food cart on a corner in Philadelphia. When she redirected her career path to teaching, Mr. Everett threw caution to the wind and followed her to Marvelwood. The School has been their home ever since.

Mr. Everett completed his Master's degree in secondary education at the University of New Haven before starting his Marvelwood career as a Strategies teacher. He soon moved into teaching math and was the Department Chair for over ten years. Mr. Everett considers his passion and strength to be working with students who struggle to learn math, helping them break down the barriers to success. Mr. Everett coaches varsity soccer and has assisted with the baseball and wrestling teams. In the summer months, his passion for teaching carries over into his gardening. He has strong opinions that the spectacular Skiff Mountain sunsets can best be appreciated from the seat of a John Deere mower!

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