The Pterodactyl Cup is a year-long competition involving every member of the Marvelwood community. House teams, named for our four longest-serving faculty members, compete and earn points throughout the school year to become the Guardian of the Cup.

  • All members of the Marvelwood Community are sorted into one of four houses: Doss, Everett, Sanchez, and West.
  • The Houses are named for Marvelwood’s four longest-serving faculty members: Laurie Doss, Blythe Everett P’14, ‘16, Glenn Sanchez P’18, ‘19, and Pam West, all of whom began their exemplary Marvelwood careers on the Cornwall campus, and have continued to shape and influence the School through their dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm.
  • Each House is identified by color:

Doss: Hunter Green
Everett: Burgundy
Sanchez: Orange
West: Gold

        • House membership is for life.
        • Houses meetings take place bi-weekly during morning meeting block.
        • Faculty and staff may award points based on merit to students.
        • Points may not be awarded to members of your own house.
        • Points accumulated by a house cannot be taken away.
        • Points are tallied and posted at the end of each week.
        • Formal ‘Pterodactyl Dinners’ take place throughout the year.
        • Points can be earned in a variety of ways- including both major competitions and daily opportunities.
        • At the end of the school year, the house with the most points becomes the Guardian for the following school year, and their house name and the school year they won is engraved on the Pterodactyl Cup.

        2018-2019 is the inaugural year for The Pterodactyl Cup. Weekly points will be posted on this page!

        The Pterodactyl Cup Houses

        House of Doss

        House of Everett

        House of Sanchez

        House of West