Health & Wellness

At Marvelwood, we are committed to educating the whole student and understand the value of providing students with the knowledge, guidance, and support necessary to make informed, educated, and healthy life choices.

Health Services

Marvelwood's Health Office provides a full range of on-site health services to students. The nursing staff offers a friendly and warm environment, with full confidentiality. The Health Office is a licensed dispensary. Our medical director is Dr. Roman Alder of New Milford Pediatrics.  Telehealth and in-person appointments with Dr. Alder and other specialists can be arranged through the Health Office. 

Counseling Services

Our on-staff school counselors work to respond to and support students' ongoing individual development.  Counselors assist students in working through normative developmental hurdles, fostering adaptive solutions, and developing a strong sense of self.  In addition, counselors work closely with parents.  Counselors are available to provide brief psychotherapy and other interventions directly to students utilizing motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral strategies.  There is no charge for sessions with our on-staff counselors.  

Parents and students can schedule appointments with a counselor via email: or by contacting the Health Office or Dean of Students.  At the student's first visit, students can discuss their concerns and treatment options.  Together, the counselor and student will coordinate on future appointments.  The School also works with a local psychiatrist, Dr. John Ewing, who provides medication consultation and management on campus as needed, and with community mental health clinicians.  The cost of Dr. Ewing's services is the responsibility of the student's family.

Options may include:

  • Drop-in or ongoing counseling with one of our on-staff school counselors
  • Coordinated discussions with parents
  • Referral to a community provider for psychological testing
  • Medications prescribed by our consulting psychiatrist, Dr. John Ewing

Wellness at Marvelwood 

Like our approach to academics, we know that wellness is not a “one size fits all” curriculum. We seek to incorporate wellness and mindfulness into many different aspects of the Marvelwood experience, encouraging and empowering all members of our community to understand and guide their own well-being.  Community members are introduced to a variety of approaches to wellness. Space and opportunity are created for individuals to discover what methods and approaches work best for them as they work through challenges, focus on their physical and mental health, and integrate their learning and healing to become the best versions of themselves.  Our goal is to plant the seeds and provide the tools that will allow each person to develop the tools and understanding to identify and address their own unique wellness needs.

Some of the many ways in which wellness is thoughtfully and intentionally incorporated into our programming include: 

  • In both academic classes and elective courses like “Mindfulness and Mediation,” students enjoy opportunities for brief or extended self-checks throughout the school day.
  • Our Advisory curriculum includes weekly check-ins that focus on proactive practices of introspection, goal-setting, reflection, and communication geared to finding success both in and out of the classroom.
  • Several weeks each term, Enrichment workshops and special events address various topics including healthy relationships, nutrition, cooking, yoga and mindfulness, digital citizenship, hidden history, and more.  
  • After-school programming provides daily opportunities for exercise, physical activity, intensive engagement in the arts, or meditative work in the garden. Coaches and supervisors work to instill the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, positive self-talk, goal-setting, and resiliency.
  • Cultural and social awareness initiatives like IDEAS and CASA challenge all members of our school community to question and reflect intentionally upon the way we see the world, how and why we may categorize and judge others both consciously and unconsciously, and how to expand our understanding as we work to become better, more thoughtful, and deeply committed global citizens.  
  • In all of their work with students, Marvelwood’s faculty and staff endeavor to strike a balance that teaches resilience and grit in an atmosphere of empathy and genuine understanding of each individual’s strengths and challenges.

Health Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-6:30pm

After hours, the Administrator on Duty (203-788-4985) should be contacted in the case of a health concern or emergency.


Health & Counseling Services Contact Information

860-927-0047 ext 1022 

860-927-5321 (direct line)

860-927-2133 (FAX) /

Forms and Medication Information

Annual health forms are due each school year to the Health Office prior to arrival on campus. Click links below to download, fill out electronically, and return via email, or print and mail or fax to: 860-927-2133.

Student prescription and over-the-counter medications will be supplied and pre-packaged by Kent Station Pharmacy.  All students must have an account set up prior to the start of school regardless of whether or not they take regular medication.

Updated for 2021-2022

Health Services & Counseling Staff

Rosemarie Brown R.N.

Rosemarie Brown R.N.

Jayne Janecek P'06,'10,'13,'16

Jayne Janecek P'06,'10,'13,'16

Director of Health Services
Kelly Limbos L.P.N.

Kelly Limbos L.P.N.

Liza Maizel

Liza Maizel

Associate Dean of Students, Wellness Coordinator, Summit Dorm Head, Assistant Director of Athletics
Kristen Pavlik

Kristen Pavlik

School Counselor
Joy Wood L.P.N,

Joy Wood L.P.N,