Health Services & Counseling

Marvelwood's conveniently located Health Center provides a full range of on-site health services to students. A full nursing staff offer a friendly and warm environment, with full confidentiality. The Health Office is a licensed dispensary. Our medical director is Dr. Roman Alder of New Milford Pediatrics. The doctor is available for appointments after school Monday-Friday. After hours, students and faculty are advised to contact the Administrator on Duty (203-788-4985) in the case of a health concern or emergency.

Counseling Department

Counseling is a resource for students who seek some resolution to personal difficulties they might encounter during the school year. Though students will often explore their concerns in conversations with advisers, teachers or coaches they may prefer to talk with a professional counselor. Dr. John Kennedy directs the Counseling Department, which works closely with the Health Center staff. The School has also contracted with a consulting psychiatrist, Dr. John Ewing, who visits the school regularly.

The Counseling Department has two primary goals:

  • To provide support and counseling to students
  • To serve as a resource for parents, faculty and staff

    Students may contact Director of Counseling John Kennedy for an appointment or can simply stop by the Counseling Office. Confidentiality is maintained except in cases where the health and safety of the student, or another person, are in jeopardy. In cases where long-term weekly support for a student may be necessary, referrals are provided to off-campus counselors or psychologists.

Health Center Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-6:30pm

Counseling: by appointment with Dr. John Kennedy

Contact Information

860-927-5321 (direct phone line)
860-927-2133 (fax)


Annual health forms are due each school year to the Health Office prior to arrival on campus. Click links below to download, fill out electroncially, and return via email, or print and mail or fax to: 860-927-2133. Student prescription and over-the-counter medications will be supplied and pre-packaged by Kent Station Pharmacy. All students must have an account set up prior to the start of school regardless of whether or not they take regular medication.

Health Services & Counseling Staff