Returning to Campus

Marvelwood is very proud that we finished the 10-week fall term COVID-free.  We now look forward to the commencement of in-person instruction in January.  Students will return to campus on January 16 and 17, 2021 after a two week self-quarantine and one week of remote instruction.  Please refer to the 'Important Information' resource folders below for updates to our COVID plans.  

With Marvelwood’s mission front and center, our ongoing COVID planning and preparedness is guided by these principles:

  • Preserve Community: Health and safety is our top priority as we keep our community together. Community is the bedrock of our mission and our greatest strength.

  • Confront Reality: Become as well informed as possible about the myriad challenges posed to our community by COVID-19. Develop a frank and accurate assessment of Marvelwood’s circumstances. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of our location and resources. What must we face? What can we change?  Make decisions responsibly in the face of uncertainty and while acknowledging that decisions and plans may need to change. 

  • Collaborate and Communicate: This is the most important component of maintaining and preserving community.  In addressing the unknown, we must always be available to, and honest with, each other.

In many ways, our intentionally small size, expansive campus and remote location work to our great advantage in terms of COVID planning.  Like many schools and colleges, Marvelwood has taken a number of strategic measures to allow for the maximum in-person experience for students, while also building in the flexibility to adjust our plans, if necessary, to accommodate new information about the virus, testing, vaccines, and other factors.  Under the guidance of DOCS Urgent Care in New Milford, Torrington Area Health District, and the State Department of Health, protocols have been established and followed, including weekly testing, which keeps our on-campus community safe and healthy.  Marvelwood is confident that our blueprint for traditional operations gives us the best chance of controlling our environment and being in person and on campus together.  

The Marvelwood Compact

Marvelwood has devoted an immense amount of time, effort, and resources to preparing a sustainable and safe reopening of school.  It is our expectation that all members of the Marvelwood family will join us in our determination to keep our campus safe and to protect the collective health of our school community by signing The Marvelwood Compact.  This Compact represents a promise on the part of all of us – students, parents, employees and their families – to do our best to comply with measures, guidelines and expectations established for our protection, and to support each other in meeting this goal.  Marvelwood will go to great lengths to teach, model, and encourage thoughtful commitment to this Compact in recognition of the important role and responsibility all members of our community share to safeguard both ourselves and each other.   Please print the Compact, discuss it together, and return signed copies to the school before or at registration.

Read & Sign the Compact


Bringing the campus community together in January:

In order to do our very best to ensure campus-wide health, some additional precautionary restrictions will be in place for a period of time, commencing upon students’ return to school.  The duration of this more restrictive quarantine-type scenario will be determined following consultation with our school medical personnel and local Department of Public Health; it may last as few as seven days, but possibly as many as 14.  We are currently planning for 10 days, but will need to be flexible as conditions warrant.  All students must be prepared for the reality that, for about the first two weeks, life on campus will look different than it did in the fall term.  

Enduring adversity makes us stronger, and resilience is a life skill.

Important Information

Contact Us

For all questions and concerns about the School's response and preparedness, please contact:

‭Heather Hastings
CPC Task Force Coordinator
Dean of Students
(203) 788-4985‬