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Updated 6/25/21


Has the Marvelwood Compact been updated?

Yes. We recognize that while the world is opening up, COVID and its variants continue to pose a significant threat to public health.  Many unknowns remain, and we here at School acknowledge our ongoing commitment to doing all that is necessary to ensure and protect the health of all members of our Marvelwood family.  Therefore, we are again asking that all students, parents, employees and their families sign the Marvelwood Compact.  This Compact represents our promise to do our best each day, in recognition of the important role and responsibility all members of our community share to safeguard both ourselves and each other.  Returning students and families are familiar with last year’s version of the Compact; we have good reason to believe that adherence to this document was instrumental in our success in remaining together in person and COVID-free this past school year.  Please print it, discuss it together, and return signed copies to the School before registration.  Please also complete and submit the online form acknowledging Marvelwood’s mandatory vaccination for your child before July 2. 

Read & Sign the Compact


More Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you anticipate that social distancing guidelines on campus will change in the 2021-22 academic year?

Based on compliance with the vaccine policy, and in consultation with the Health Center, we expect that social distancing policies will be adjusted campus-wide. We will provide additional information on the guidelines as they evolve.

2. Does Marvelwood anticipate that students will be required to wear masks inside buildings?

Generally, based on compliance with the vaccine policy, in consultation with our Health Center and recent guidance from the CDC, we do not expect that individuals will need to wear masks indoors, though we do anticipate there could be specific times during the coming academic year when individuals might be required to wear masks inside. Recommendations from the CDC and DPH will further inform the policy direction, along with recommendations from our Health Center and CPC task force, which will monitor developments throughout the summer and as we return to full operations in August.

3. Does the School anticipate that students will be required to wear masks outside during the 2021-22 academic year?

We are optimistic that students will not be required to wear masks outside. 

4. Will students be permitted to visit each other’s dormitories?

Yes, students will be able to visit each other’s common rooms.  Hallway and in-room visitation is only permitted among students who share the same dormitory.

5. Will students be allowed to leave campus for weekends, field trips, athletics and Community Service?

Yes, we expect that students will be permitted to leave campus while observing all Marvelwood guidelines.  

6. Does the School anticipate that students will be required to wear masks in athletic competitions?

We do not expect that students will be required to wear masks in athletic competitions. Future policies set by NEPSAC, other athletic conferences/leagues, and other schools could result in this expectation being modified.

7. Will any off-campus opportunities be restricted for unvaccinated students or students who contract COVID-19 despite being vaccinated?

It is reasonable to expect that actively ill or unvaccinated individuals may be restricted from some off-campus trips, Community Service placements, and/or athletic or extracurricular events.  Marvelwood will comply with the stated wishes and regulations of off-campus providers, businesses, and/or groups and will make alternate arrangements for these individuals when and where necessary.

8. Will parents/families be allowed to visit campus?

Yes, we expect that parents/families will be permitted to visit campus while observing the policies in place at the time of the visit.

9. Will day students be restricted from full participation in on-campus events, as they were last year?

No, all day students will be allowed to come and go with the observance of all guidelines.  

10. Will day students be sequestered in their own dormitory, and will they be extended the option to board, as they were last year? 

No, day students will be assigned to any of the four dormitories and will be required to follow the school’s policies about requesting an overnight stay. No option to board will be offered, but any day student may request to become a full boarding student if desired. Day families interested in boarding should contact Maureen Smith, Director of Admission, to discuss a status change.

11. Will the School continue to require morning health checks and regular COVID-19 screenings/testing on campus?

All members of the community -- boarding students, day students, and employees -- will be asked to submit a regular daily health check electronically through Boardingware before leaving their room or their home each morning.  Students should have and be able to use a thermometer for this purpose.  

We will continue a limited rotation of on-campus COVID screenings, administering surveillance testing of a sampling of the Marvelwood community at regular intervals.  The Health Office reserves the right to test any student for COVID-19 at any time based on the individual's clinical indication.

12. What happens if a vaccinated student gets COVID-19?

Although the risk that fully vaccinated people could become infected with COVID-19 is low, any fully vaccinated person who experiences symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be isolated from others, be clinically evaluated by the Health Office, and tested for COVID-19. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 must be picked up from campus that same day and will be isolated in the Health Office while awaiting transportation.  The School will not provide long-term quarantine or isolation services for students who test positive for COVID.  For this reason, all families -- including international families -- must have a plan in place to evacuate their student from campus should the need arise.  Families living far from campus may contact to be referred to outside organizations that provide emergency home-away-from-home services and COVID care for students.

13. What will happen if my child’s roommate, classmate, or a teammate tests positive for COVID-19?

The CDC does not recommend or require quarantine for fully-vaccinated individuals, so fully-vaccinated students with no COVID-like symptoms do not need to quarantine, be restricted from activities, or be tested following an exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. However, any member of the community exposed to COVID-19 will be monitored for 14 days following the exposure and will join the subsequent round of surveillance testing on campus.

14. Does my student need to be vaccinated if they already had COVID-19?

All students must be vaccinated regardless of whether or not they have already had COVID-19. Even if a student has already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that they could be reinfected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Learn more about why getting vaccinated is a safer way to build protection than getting infected.

15. What if my student can show proof of having COVID-19 antibodies?

All students must be vaccinated regardless of whether or not they already had COVID-19 or show proof of antibodies.

16. Can a student get vaccinated after arrival on campus?

All domestic students are required to be fully vaccinated per CDC COVID-19 guidelines as of August 25, 2021. International students who are able to be fully vaccinated in their home countries must do so before arrival.  (A temporary exemption may be granted to international students who are unable to be vaccinated prior to arrival; see below.)

17. What about vaccines for international students?

Marvelwood will permit any student who has been completely immunized with any COVID vaccine appearing on the World Health Organization’s list of approved vaccines to participate fully in the school’s programming.  International families must provide this information to the school before their student begins travel to campus, and no later than August 25, 2021.  

Marvelwood will continue to monitor and evaluate whether it is safe to re-vaccinate international students with an American vaccine if they have already received a non-WHO-approved vaccine.

18. What if international students cannot get vaccinated in their home country before school starts?

International students must make every attempt to complete the vaccine process before coming to the Marvelwood campus. International students unable to be vaccinated at home have the option of arriving in the country early and staying with a family member or family friend while completing the vaccination process in the US.  Alternatively, Marvelwood has been in communication with an excellent and affordable outside resource, Student Health Advocates (SHA), a Hartford CT-based organization that provides hotel lodging, meals, and concierge and chaperoning services to international students arriving in the US and requiring COVID vaccination.  (We will be sending information about SHA to international families separately.) Either of these arrangements will enable an international student to arrive on campus on time and to participate fully in all aspects of school life without restriction or quarantine.

International students who are absolutely unable to take advantage of the previous options can be granted a temporary exemption.  They will need to arrive on campus early (around August 30) and enter a strict on-campus quarantine lasting seven days.  At the end of that period, pending a negative COVID test, they will immediately begin the vaccination process. These exempt students will be monitored and live under State- and School-defined vaccine exemption guidelines and restrictions until the conclusion of the vaccination process. This exemption is available only for international students who cannot get vaccinated before they arrive, and will only be offered at the start of the school year (not for mid-year enrollment/arrivals).  Families will be charged for this service.  Please contact the Health Office by August 1, 2021 to be granted this exemption.

19. What will happen with students with medical or religious vaccine exemptions?

Students with approved medical or existing religious exemptions shall be permitted to attend school except in the case of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease. In the event of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease, all unvaccinated students could be excluded from various school gatherings if the Health Office and State of CT public health officials determine that the school is a significant site for disease exposure, transmission and/or spread. 

Students without proof of vaccination, including those with religious and medical exemptions, could be required to leave campus and would not be able to return until either the danger of the outbreak has passed as determined by the Health Office and public health officials; the student becomes ill with the disease and completely recovers; or the student is immunized.  Students departing for these reasons will be isolated on campus until they can go home (which is required within five hours) with their guardian/host family as designated on the Emergency Consent Form.

All requests for medical or religious exemptions from our vaccination policy must be communicated to and approved by the School no later than August 1, 2021.  Please contact directly with this information. Per Connecticut state guidelines, Marvelwood will only consider religion exemptions dated prior to April 2021.


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For student health questions, please contact: 

Jayne Janecek P'06, '10, '13, '16
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