Day Students

Please consult the Student-Parent Handbook for more information about day student policies. For day student sleep-overs on campus, please use BoardingWare.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Dorms are unlocked at 7:00am. Students may be dropped off prior to 7:00 if arrangements are made with the Dorm Head. Day students are welcome to attend breakfast, which is from 7:30-8:05am. Classes start at 8:15am; day students should not arrive later than 8:10am.

Day students may be picked up between 5:00 and 5:30pm or at 10:15pm. Day students are welcome and encouraged to stay for evening activities and study hall. If they are staying, please alert the Dorm Head, either by noon or on a weekly basis.


Students should arrive at the Dining Hall for Community Service by 8am. Arrangements may be made for drop-off at community service placements with the Program Coordinators. Please contact Community Service Director John Russell '88. Students are transported back to school in school vehicles.

Same as above, although athletic games or early practices may alter pick-up times. Check the website for athletic schedules and directions to away games. In the event of an early practice, students may be picked up after practice ends. Parents may email the coach in advance to coordinate pick-up times.


Dorms open at 8:30am. Classes start at 9:00am; day students should be dropped off no later than 8:50am. Breakfast is from 8:15-8:55am

Same as above (Wednesday). Day students are welcome to stay for and participate in Saturday evening activities, in which case pick-up is at 11:00pm. Please alert the Deans Office by Thursday if your child will be staying for Saturday evening activities. On occasion, day students may stay over in the dorm on Saturday night, but this must be arranged with the Dean of Students by Thursday.


Dorms open at 10:30am. Day students may participate in Sunday activities. Brunch is 10:30-11:30am. Pick up is no later than 6:00pm. Please alert the Deans Office by Thursday if your child will be participating in Sunday activities.

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