Campus Life

Marvelwood's location, pondside atop Skiff Mountain, inspires community, friendship, and learning. The dormitories, clustered in a semi-circle next to Lucy's Pond, are spacious and airy with large common rooms for social events or studying. Dorm parents supervise students in each dorm and organize activities, from game nights to baking to scavenger hunts. Each dorm, Summit, Sterling, Lake, and Star, is truly a student's home away from home, and faculty ensure a sense of home is nurtured in each dorm. Our dorms are adjacent to Kent Land Trust acreage, and some rooms have views of the playing fields across the pond. It's just a short walk to the dining hall, or to Calhoun Schoolhouse, or to the Burton Alumni Gymnasium to cheer on the basketball team or to work out in the Diao Fitness Center.

This Week on Campus

Marvelwood’s policy and practice is to house transgender students in the dorm in which they feel most comfortable. Please direct concerns or questions to an administrator.