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Service Wednesdays


Marvelwood students and faculty devote each Wednesday morning of the school year to serving the community. This year, placements include Aster Head Start, Animal Welfare of New Milford, Audubon Sharon, Kent Volunteer Fire Department, Pond Mountain Preserve, Mouth of the Mountain (School newspaper), Amnesty International, Coldstream Farm, and campus recycling.

At Coldstream Farm, Tighe Mueller '17, Guy Kennedy '18 and Nathan Winter '19 (right) work with farmer Brent Kallstrom, whose family has farmed the land for three generations.

On campus, faculty member Heni Foote works with students to maintain the School's blueberry bushes (below, left). The hundreds of bushes, originally on Henry Kissenger's estate in Kent, were moved to campus in the 1980s when they were scheduled to be removed and destroyed. It's hard to estimate the bushes' yield, but in a optimal year such as last summer, there are gallons and gallons of large, juicy berries for the picking, many of which are used in the dining hall.

Most of the Community Service placements are year-round, enabling students and faculty to establish meaningful relationships and take on a variety of responsibilities. With a total of 32 placements, on and off-campus, it's an organizational and logistical feat each week. An intrinsic part of the School since it's founding, faculty and students continue the long-standing tradition of Community Service Wednesday. For more information, check out the Community Service page of the website. For questions about the program, please contact Community Service Director Matt Walters '97