Who Do I Contact?

In an effort to put you in touch with the person who can really be of help to you, please use this list as a guide. We request that you not call our faculty or staff at home after 9:00pm.

All school email addresses are formatted as follows:

Faculty and Staff Directory can be found HERE.


Academic Dean

Dr. Heather Hunt (ex1016) is responsible for course assignments, grades and academic schedules. Shannon Nelson (x1007) assists Heather and acts as Registrar.

Administrator on Duty (AOD)

Please call on weekends, after hours, and/or in case of emergency: 203-788-4985


The advisor should be the first faculty member called if you have questions or concerns about your son or daughter. Advisors are responsible for monitoring the academic and personal progress of each student. Because faculty spends much of their time in classrooms and on playing fields, and many do not have direct extensions, it may be simplest to email them. If you have not heard from your student's advisor please contact the Dean of Faculty, Marie Gold (x1008).

Assistant to the Head of School

Barbara D'Iorio P'10 (ex 1003) can answer many questions and/or put you in touch with the right person. She also collects forms and assists the Dean of Students Heather Hastings with student travel.  

Athletic Director

Zach Maizel '04 (ex1009) is responsible for the athletic schedule, sports assignments, equipment and overall coordination of the program. 

Business Office

Betty Ann Haskell (ex1024) is in charge of Student Billing. David Fiorillo (ex1026) is the Chief Financial Officer.


Marvelwood used Remind, an app-based communication tool. Remind is free to use, and you'll be able to get and send messages on any device—including text messages from your phone.  Steve Malinowski P’21 is our Remind Coordinator. He can assist you with questions or concerns about the system. 

Community Service Director

Community Service Director: (x1051) Toni Presti and Joanna Tucker P’19 oversee placement and weekly coordination of the Wednesday morning Community Service program, as well as other community service opportunities throughout the year. 


Marvelwood has counselors available throughout the day and evening for drop-in and/or scheduled appointments.  Students may reach out to the counselors via email, Remind, or through the Health Office.


Any question or concerns about Marvelwood's response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as our plans for reopening campus in September, can be directed to Task Force Coordinator, Heather Hastings (ex1048). 

Dean for Parents

Misty Jordan (ex1019) works directly with parents to enhance Marvelwood's ability to support its students. 

Dean of Students

Heather Hastings (x1048) Heather is responsible for questions or concerns about conduct and discipline, as well as weekend rules and travel;

Director of Residential Life

Misty Jordan (ex1019) is responsible for student housing concerns, including room placement and roommate selection. She also coordinates advisor assignments.

Dormitory Heads

Summit Dorm: Liza Maizel and Toni Presti ; Sterling Dorm: Steve Malinowski P'20; Lake Dorm: Zach Maizel '04; Star Dorm: Joanna Tucker

Health Services Director

Jayne Janecek, LPN, P '06, '10, '13, '16 (ex1021) is responsible for any medical concerns and for arranging visits with medical professionals, including the school doctor; counseling is also arranged through the Health Office. Questions about counseling options and psychological testing can be directed to Mrs. Janecek in the Health Office.

Learning Support Department Chair

Sandy Singco (ex1040) oversees the Learning Support Programs, as well as Individualized Education Plans, classroom accommodations and modifications, and alternative assessments.


Orah (formerly known as Boardingware) should be used for submitting all travel plans for your student. Questions about travel can be directed to Dean of Students Heather Hastings.