60-Second Interview: Maureen Smith, Director of Admission & Financial Aid

When I was growing up, I wanted to be:

A marine biologist or a teacher

I got into education because:

Admissions is my perfect job, combining my love for education and my love of meeting new people.

A few words or phrases that describe my approach to teaching/ working with teenagers:

Listen.  They have amazing things to say. 

I am constantly surprised by:

The openness of our students and willingness to participate.

Describe a student who's done well at Marvelwood:

There are so many, but a student who returns after graduation because they want to share with us what they are doing and how appreciative they are for their Marvelwood experience. 

I know I'm reaching a student when:

You see a smile.

A favorite project I've done with students:

I took a small group of student to see a Broadway show and we talked about it all through dinner.  Any time you can get off-campus and participate in something is great.

If I could take a trip anywhere with students, it would be to:

Back to New York City, when we can.

I am currently reading:

Permission to Feel by Marc Brakett

The book I'm recommending these days:

Hiddan Valley Road by Robert Kolker

Three things I want my students to take away:

They are listened too, supported, and that we are their extended family

When I'm not teaching, I like to:


As the Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Maureen is a tireless advocate for the School. When we’re not in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, she travels extensively to meet with families and education professionals and visit feeder schools. Faced with the challenge of promoting the School in the time of COVID, she turned her attention to developing the same level of outreach using virtual platforms. Highly respected in the field of admission, Maureen actively participates in a number of organizations, including Western Connecticut Boarding Schools and Five that Thrive, a consortium of schools that she helped found.