60-Second Interview: Maggie Everett '16, Teaching Intern

When I was growing up, I wanted to be:

President of the United States and/or a marine biologist

I got into education because:

I saw issues with how it was being done and wanted to be part of a healthy change to our education system. Plus, nothing in the world is more rewarding than supporting other people.

A few words or phrases that describe my approach to teaching/ working with teenagers:

Be a listener first, a lecturer second. When you work here, you are not just helping sculpt a mind, but a heart.

I am constantly surprised by:

Student's ideas and support for one another.

Describe a student who's done well at Marvelwood:

A student started questioning why they thought a certain way.

I know I'm reaching a student when:

A student started questioning why they thought a certain way.

A favorite project I've done with students:

Round-about poem writing; they all get a mood or word and they write four lines without discussing with each other. Then, I take them and randomize the line order for one giant class poem.

If I could take a trip anywhere with students, it would be to:

Get on a bus, travel around, and just spend the day writing.

The best thing about raising children on a boarding school campus is:

They get to grow up meeting people from all over the world, which leads them to be more open-minded.

I am currently reading:

Hamlet by William Shakespeare (again)

The book I'm recommending these days:

Poetry by POC

List a few ingredients of the Marvelwood 'special sauce':

Forgiveness, patience, problem-solving rather than straight discipline.

This is what I would tell my first-year-teaching self:

As I am in this right now, so I am not ready to answer! But I would tell first-week Maggie to take a breath and hold students accountable.

What I like about teaching at Marvelwood:

I am connecting with students on a deeper level than I could anywhere else. I am supported by many of my peers.

What I appreciate about Marvelwood students:

They want to do well. They want to be loved and cared for.

The funniest/ most interesting/ most memorable things students have said:

"Wait... how many kids do you have?”
“You're younger than Ms. Maizel? I thought you were 30!"
"I'm not great, but you're helping me learn to be okay."

Three things I want my students to take away:

  1. We are here to support you not stress you out. 
  2. One of the biggest hurdles you have to go through is un-learning bad education styles. 
  3. You have hidden strengths.

When I'm not teaching, I like to:

Write, cook, write/play music, and sing.

Maggie graduated from Roger Williams University in May and is a teaching intern at Marvelwood this year. Having grown up on campus (Maggie’s mother is Head of School Blythe Everett and her father, Mike, is a math teacher), Maggie has a deep appreciation for the love and support of a boarding school community. As a student, Maggie was active in the Marvelwood Players, played basketball and soccer, and was a dorm prefect. At graduation, she was co-valedictorian and the recipient of the Wittenberg Cup, the school’s highest prize.