60-Second Interview: Liza Maizel, Associate Dean of Students

When I was growing up, I wanted to be:

A veterinarian like my dad!

I got into education because:

I wanted to work with young people and I wanted to help show them that anyone can learn, no matter what. 

A few words or phrases that describe my approach to teaching/ working with teenagers:

Patience, compassion, energy

Describe a student who's done well at Marvelwood:

A student who has done well at Marvelwood realizes what they were good at while here and gain confidence in themselves as a result.

I am currently reading:

Overcoming Bias:  Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences

List a few ingredients of the Marvelwood 'special sauce':

Understanding and meeting each person where they are.

This is what I would tell my first-year/ first-month-teaching self:

You will get better at this, so just start by getting to know your students and the rest will come

What I like about teaching at Marvelwood:

How we get to know our students both in and out of the classroom.  We all experience all aspects of life together and get to learn and grow as a community.

What I appreciate about Marvelwood students:

Their honesty and how willing they are to share their story.

Three things I want my students to take away:

1. Just because you're different doesn't mean you're any less worthy.

2. Create the life you want for yourself. 

3. You have more power than you realize.  

When I'm not teaching, I like to:

Spend time with family and friends.

Liza is the Dean of Students and Assistant Athletic Director, She teaches math, psychology, Spanish, and strategies, and coaches soccer and lacrosse. Liza lives in Summit dorm with her cat, Pia. She enjoys working with her brother, Zach.