60-Second Interview: Josh Gladstone, French & Legal Studies teacher

A few words or phrases that describe my approach to teaching/ working with teenagers:

Patient, hard-working, and encouragement

Describe a student who's done well at Marvelwood:

Asks questions when they don’t understand something, doesn’t cram the night before a test, participates in class, and does their homework

I know I'm reaching a student when:

I get eye contact from a student during class, they come up to me after class with questions, and they participate in class discussions

I am currently reading:

The Firm by John Grisham

This is what I would tell my first-year/ first-month-teaching self:

Be patient and don’t expect to get everything right on the first try.

What I like about teaching at Marvelwood:

People are patient and willing to help you when needed

The most memorable thing a student said:

U.S History with you is my favorite class.

When I'm not teaching, I like to:

Play tennis

Josh teaches French and an elective in legal studies.  An avid saxophone player, he's a regular on the Music on the Mountain stage and has played in Marvelwood ensembles. Josh coaches tennis and works at a tennis camp in the summer months.