60-Second Interview: Blythe Everett P'14, '16, Head of School

When I was growing up, I wanted to be:

A journalist or news anchor.

I got into education because:

I was in the publishing business before I became a teacher, and there is a LOT of bad writing and grammar out there! I went into education because I wanted to teach "future generations" to both value excellent writing and aspire to greatness and efficacy in the self-expression of their ideas.

A few words or phrases that describe my approach to teaching/ working with teenagers:

High expectations balanced with empathy and a sense of humor

I know I'm reaching a student when:

I can see their confidence -- in their body language and in their face.

A favorite project I've done with students:

I always loved having students act out the final scene of "Hamlet" on the stage, complete with fencing swords (and protective goggles, of course!)

The best thing about raising children on a boarding school campus is:

They become a part of a diverse extended family, surrounded by adults who love children, and kids of every talent and background.  My own kids' unique opportunities to rub elbows with Marvelwood teachers and students and participate meaningfully in field work, plays, music, meals, and trips opened their eyes to the world, built their confidence, and gave them a sense of true belonging. 

This is what I would tell my first-year-teaching self:

Embrace your creativity, and don't be too much of an "adult" to share that you adore your job and the kids you have the privilege to work with.

The funniest/ most interesting/ most memorable thing a student said:

When I casually told a freshman I had been at Marvelwood for 15 years and he looked at me incredulously and said, "You've been teaching here longer than I've been ALIVE?!!!?!?"

When I'm not teaching, I like to:

Watch reality competition TV shows.  In another life, Laurie Doss and I would have partnered up on "Survivor" or "The Amazing Race"

Blythe is Marvelwood’s 7th Head of School. For many years, Blythe taught honors senior English which alumni consistently point to as the class that challenged them the most and best prepared them for college-level work. Blythe raised two children on campus with her husband, Mike, a math teacher at the School.  A theatre enthusiast, Blythe has participated in many productions on the Marvelwood stage.