Film Studies Productions 2018-2019

Student filmmakers had a busy year, working on a variety of original films and well-researched documentaries. The Great Die Off, We Wear the Mask, Jaboris Barov, and The Enchanted Voodoo Men from Outer Space were premiered at the 2nd Annual Marvelwood Film Festival on Sunday, May 19th, 2019. Eggshells had its premier screening in the fall at a special School Meeting. 

The Great Die Off: The Disappearance of Pollinators

The Great Die Off was produced as part of a collaboration between The Marvelwood School and The Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area.

Cinematographers: Htoo Gay '19. Axel Orzano '21, Aiden Mulivihill '19

Editors: Cole Flashner '20, Aiden Mulivihill '19

Researchers: Natasha Nash '19, Owen Tacy '20, Kyrie Mbonu '20, James Edward Duffy '20

Supervising Instructors: Ben Willis, Valentin Dumitrascu P'19

Additional Support: Cole Branson '21, Max Branson '18, Caleb Gabriel-Deveau '20, Eugene Dolan '18, Sam Schadt '21, Peter Tarlinsky '19

We Wear the Mask

We Wear the Mask is an original production by the Film Studies Class, inspired by the poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Director: Owen Tacy '20

Director of Photography: Jack Mutter '19

Cast: Bella Brown '21, Trevor Spenser '19. Aiden Weinstein '20, Justin Decoteau '19, Owen Tacy '20, Jack Mutter '19, Ryan Cameron '19, Elijah Ring '19, Mike Everett P'14, '16

The Enchanted Voodoo Men from Outer Space

The Enchanted Voodoo Men from Outer Space is an original production of the Marvelwood Film Studies program. Story by Alejandro Romero De Terreros 20

Directed: Oliver Sanchez '20

Producer: Lee Mashburn '19

Writers: Alejandro Romero De Terreros '20, Bella Brown '21, Oliver Sanchez '20

1st Assistant Director: Jacob Roth '19

Production Assistant: Kim Mignocchi '20

Cast: Kiera Leili '21, Oliver Sanchez '20, Via Masina '21, Alejandro Romero De Terreros '20, plus
Marvelwood dogs Abe and Mufasa.

Jaboris Barov

Jaboris Barov is an original production by Jack Mutter '19, as part of the Marvelwood Film Studies program. 

Director of Photography: Aidan Mulvihill

Gaffer: Dionte Thain '19

Key Grip: David Rednick '19

Assistant Camera: Sam Schwartzman '20

Assistant Camera Operator: Rob Messina '20

Student Driver: Jay Sheehan '19

Production Assistant: Chris Sherer '20

Cast: Peter Tarlinsky '19, Jack Brady Weissman '20, Christian Becker, Trevor Spenser '19, Valentin Dumitrascu P'19


Eggshells was produced for the 84 Hour Film Challenge sponsored by EdAdvance and Skills21. Participating teams had 84 hours to prep, shoot, and edit a short film incorporating specific criteria. Films were judged by a panel of industry professionals and college faculty, and the most exceptional will be showcased at the Red Carpet Event of Expo Fest on Friday, May 31, 2019.

Producers: Oliver Sanchez '20, Aidan Mulvihill '19

Director: Aidan Mulvihill '19

Director of Photography: Cole Branson '21

Lead Writers: Via Masina '21, Cole Branson '21, Oliver Sanchez '20, Jacob Roth '19, Bella Brown '21, Sam Schadt '20

Additional Camera Operators: Avante Walker '19, Owen Tacy '20

Production Assistants: James Edward Duffy '20, Ben Meyer '22, Sam Schadt '20

Supervising Instructors: Ben Willis

Cast: Natasha Nash '19, Valentin Dumistrascu P'19, Avante Walker '19