Marvelwood Blueberries

We have always been proud to share the Marvelwood blueberry orchard with our friends and neighbors.  Picking the big, beautiful berries is a summer tradition for many of us! Please scroll down for information about our annual clean-up day. 

This year is different in so many ways, but we are committed to maintaining public access to the orchard.  While our campus remains closed to visitors, blueberry pickers are welcome.  We ask that the following guidelines be followed at all times:

  1. Small groups only (six people or less).

  2. There should be no more than 25 people in the orchard at any one time.

  3. Except for family members, all individuals must maintain six feet of social distancing.

  4. Face coverings should be on hand and worn if two or more groups are in the orchard.

  5. Do not enter any school buildings or facilities.

  6. Please pick reasonably and take only what you can use at home. Picking is absolutely not for commercial purposes.

  7. Do not drive or park on the grass. 

  8. Please park behind Calhoun Schoolhouse; the space around the Performing Arts Center is a construction site and should be left clear. 

Please help fellow pickers respect and follow these guidelines!

While the School will not be actively monitoring the activity in the orchard, please be aware that we will discontinue public access if guidelines are not being followed, especially if large numbers of people are in the orchard at the same time. 

Please tag us in your social media posts and let us know how much you enjoy the blueberries!   #marvelwood