What does a two million dollar renovation look like?

Marvelwood's four dormitories underwent complete floor-to-ceiling renovations last summer. New carpeting, furniture, ceilings, lighting, and tiling was installed. Bathrooms were completely gutted and redone with new fixtures and privacy stalls for the showers. Kitchenettes were added in each dorm, and laundry areas were gutted and outfitted with brand new state-of-the-art machines. In the two larger dorms, common room fireplaces were re-faced with beautiful stonework, and serve as stunning and functional centerpieces. The smaller common rooms were outfitted with unique lighting, which creates a cozy and dynamic atmosphere for studying and gathering. 

Outside, each dorm was fully landscaped. Beautiful window boxes were donated by the Parents Association and the Class of 2018.

With the school year is up and running, the fresh, new, and inviting spaces became home to our study body. At Marvelwood, all students get a dorm room, whether they're day or boarding, and all students are fully integrated into the residential life program, which is an important part of the Marvelwood Experience. At the heart of the residential life program are the dorms, where students make friends, study, refuel and relax, talk to faculty, and learn about themselves and each other. We're proud to have such beautiful and inviting places for our students to call home. 

See photos and videos of the project from beginning to stunning end on Flicker!