The Service Continues

Service to the community is truly a way of life for our school community. Despite the disruption to our campus-life and regular Wednesday morning community service placements, it's not at all surprising that our students have found meaningful and creative ways to help out and spread some joy in these uncertain times.

Health and safety is always an important part of our Community Service program. In the time of COVOD-19, this is, of course, more critical than ever. Guidelines set out by the CDC and local health agencies have been incorporated into the program and students meet with the Community Service team each week to plan and discuss their projects and outreach. 

Anna Brown '23:

This week I decided to make cards for hospitals and senior centers. I also painted rocks with my sister, with inspirational sayings on them to give to my neighbors.  


Olivia Pignatoro '21:

I’ve been working on thank you cards for first responders and such and I was going to send this one to my Uncle. He’s in the National Guard and has been working with a hospital in New York City.


Brennan Wilkins '22:

I am starting my community service project by making signs for the trails around Marvelwood. I am working with Miss Doss to repair, create, and validate the signs with all-age friendly information and pictures. 

This is an example of one that's completed and on the trail:


Caden Roberts '22:

God’s Love We Deliver runs a food pantry which has been ramped up during the COVID crisis. They were planning to shut down for a week to give everyone who works there a break but needed to make sure everyone who depends on them had enough food. They asked for extra volunteers to come and pack food for two week supplies instead of the usual one week. This picture shows all the bags we packed in one day.


Amelia Marshall '20

I called my grandmother who lives in Florida and is alone in her house because of the coronavirus. We had a nice long chat about how we are both coping and how she's excited to see me over the summer, once the virus situation gets better.


Aiden Cherniskie '23:

I organized and led a Cub Scout Pack 11 Cub Scout meeting: “Scouts Build”. I challenged the Cubs to create a Scout-themed scene using any building supplies of their choice, such as Legos, crafting supplies, or items collected outside. We'll see what they came up with at the next meeting!