Round Square Heads Symposium: Discussing and Sharing Ideas

Head of School Blythe Everett P’14, ‘16 attended the Round Square Heads Symposium 2020 in London. Representing 140 schools, Heads from around the world gathered for the conference which focused on authenticity in leadership and values-based education initiatives. Blythe Everett:

The conference was a tremendous opportunity to come together to discuss and share ideas. It is gratifying that Marvelwood is a part of the Round Square organization; I feel it puts us on the forefront of understanding the importance of global citizenship as part of our students’ educational experience. The service and exchange opportunities we have been able to offer our students through our association with Round Square are unmatched, and I met many heads from countries around the world who are eager to further develop programs with us.

Marvelwood is a proud member of Round Square, a worldwide association of over 200 schools in 50 countries on six continents that encourages students to push beyond academic excellence to discover and develop their full potential.

Round Square schools are characterized by a shared belief in an approach to education based on six pillars–IDEALS (International, Democracy, Environmental, Adventure, Leadership, Service)–drawn from the theories of education philosopher Kurt Hahn. Read more about Marvelwood's Round Square programs on the website