Four Perfect Scores

Congratulations to Lily Brownlee '21 for scoring 5s on every single one of her AP exams.  On four separate tests–Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Calculus AB, and Physics 1–Lily scored perfect 5s. To say she studied hard and spent the year preparing for these tests is an understatement!  Lily, who will be attending Juniata College in the fall, will start her college career with 16 college credits for her outstanding performance on the AP tests, including U.S. History in her junior year.  Lily plans to major in physics. 

How did Lily celebrate her achievement? By baking chocolate chip cookies via Zoom with her teacher, math department chair Heni Foote! 

Heni Foote: “Lily is a smart, hardworking student. It’s a privilege to have her in AP Economics class. Her work in all classes has been outstanding. I am not at all surprised that she earned 5s on all of her AP exams. She is a superstar. I am so proud of her."

Well done, Lily!