IDEAS – A New Initiative at Marvelwood

As we reflect on the world’s reaction to the spectre of pervasive and persistent racism that has been prevalent in the news and continues, largely unabated, around the globe, Marvelwood will be dedicating itself to the challenge of helping to break the tragic cycle of injustice and violence.  IDEAS is a new initiative that will be a permanent part of our curriculum.

In a recent email responding to the crisis, Peter Upham, Executive Director of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), reminded us that  “schools are fundamentally moral communities, anchored by norms and animated by patterns of behavior, that declare to their students, their faculties, their families, and the world: This is what we prize. This is what matters. Every day, your school...answers a profound question: ‘how are we to live?’ A school addresses the question in both word and deed; you and your school live out the answer in a particular style, under the charge of a particular mission. And how you do so, how you live and work together as a community, is the deepest and most lasting lesson you transmit to your students, and that they transmit to one another.”

Marvelwood School prides itself on being a community that values and celebrates diversity as essential to the experience of our students and staff, and where no form of racial or cultural discrimination is tolerated.  We work to inspire and instill the important values of cooperation, courage, responsibility, empathy, self-control, and kindness.  We embrace and respect differences as we prepare our students to become informed, empowered citizens of an increasingly diverse and challenging world.  We also seek to build and support a school-wide effort to ensure that we are consistently reviewing and improving our school culture and community for all of our members.  We must seize the opportunity to deepen the ways in which we educate our students to understand their role as leaders in making the world a safer, more accepting place, and develop concrete steps as a school to be a part of the solution.

We believe that a new initiative, which we are calling IDEAS -- Inclusion, Diversity & Equity-Action Seminars -- will help us to answer that call.  Students and faculty will dedicate the interim period between Thanksgiving and the winter break to interdisciplinary work, embracing this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to these values and reaffirming Marvelwood’s pledge to celebrate diversity and inclusion through education and action.  Our intent is that IDEAS will become a permanent part of our annual curriculum. We have been eagerly building out this idea over the summer of 2020 and, more exciting, look forward to involving students in both planning and leading discussions and projects this fall. 

More information is on the website.