College Acceptances for the Class of 2021

March 17, 2021: An update from the Marvelwood College Counseling Team, Bing Bingham, Director of College Counseling, and Briana Bertram, Associate College Counselor and Standardized Testing Coordinator

It’s been a busy fall and winter in the College Counseling office, as usual.  As of this week, every single senior who's applied has been accepted by at least one school. Two seniors are looking at alternative/ gap year plans and have not applied. 

Impressive merit scholarship awards are accompanying these acceptances. We are incredibly proud of the Class of 2021 and the hard work they have devoted to their academics and to the college application process. It’s paying off!  

In a year+ of unprecedented challenges and major shifts in how we can engage with each other, much of the college process remained remarkably the same: research, essay writing, and filling out applications. In a normal year, dozens of school representatives visit Marvelwood and meet individually or in small groups with students.  This year, these visits were virtual but enabled the same level of connection.  The biggest change to the process was not being able to tour schools prior to applying, and having to rely on virtual tours to get to know the school.  During spring break, many seniors are visiting schools, taking walking tours and driving through campus, trying the best they can to get a feel for campus life. The Class of 2021 has much to be proud of, including adapting to and powering through a situation that no one could have predicted just a year ago.  

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