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2022-2023 Camp Jewell Form

2022-2023 Camp Jewell Waiver

2022-2023 Camp Jewell Packing List

Hello Seniors and Senior Families!

As we eagerly await your return to campus for the final stretch of your high school careers, I wanted to shed some light on the exciting senior overnight experience at Camp Jewell, from Saturday September 10 to Sunday September 11th. As we draw closer to the dates of our annual overnight, we can confirm that we will be staying over at Camp Jewell for a senior bonding experience and tone setting for the upcoming school year. There will be a plethora of activities that you will be involved in from the moment you arrive at camp until your departure a day later. There are high and low rope elements, group activities, basketball, wiffle ball and a personal camp favorite of mine: Ziplines!

For spacing reasons, we will be sleeping over in the Camp Jewell bunks, one for girls and one for boys. As we arrive at camp, we will set up for our stay, relax for a bit and participate in various activities, before eating dinner and taking our first group picture as the senior class of 2023! After dinner the groups will split up for their respective campfires.

The next morning, the students will wake up for breakfast and a half day of high/low ropes elements, along with a few other team bonding activities to start the school year off with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. The theme of this off campus, 24 hour adventure is inclusion, support and self reflection of how you want to finish this journey through high school. Each answer will be different and comfort levels will vary, but we strongly recommend that each student step out of their comfort zone to really see a new perspective for themselves. Our commitment to the support of our students will be a guide to help, but it’s up to each individual to take the next steps. Discussing our school’s core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and service and how they can factor into your senior year will play a key role in our trip, all while having a heck of a good time!

We are so excited to welcome you all back to campus and embark on this awesome opening experience with you! Please fill out the following forms and return to by the time you come to campus. Thank you and see you all soon!

Your senior overnight team:

Andrew ‘AJ’ Helmin
Maggie Everett ‘16
Nick Sceusa ‘07