Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Adventure (OA) Program includes all non-competitive outdoor activities available to students during the course of the year. OA offers students the opportunity for physical activity without the competition of traditional varsity and junior varsity sports. Students discover a love for the outdoors via the OA Program, build friendships, learn teamwork, and enjoy a great workout.


During the Fall Term the mountain bikers ride in, around and over Skiff Mountain here in Kent. Mountain bikers also enjoy an annual trip to the Kingdom Trails in Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The hiking program utilizes the nearby Appalachian Trail as well as Macedonia Brook State Park and Kent Falls State Park.

In the Winter Term the school offers students the opportunity to ski or snowboard at Mohawk Mountain Ski Areain Cornwall, only a short twenty minutes from campus.

During the Spring Term the school offers students the opportunity for rock climbing at St. John's Ledges and area ropes courses. The canoers utilize the nearby Housatonic River and its tributaries, and complete in local races.